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To connect with 200,000 aspiring writers and transform them into influential copywriters by helping them create multiple streams of income.

I am a writer and editor turned digital writopreneur with 12 years of solid experience in online writing, publishing, social media promotions, and brainstorming various ways to monetize online.

There is a famous verse in Sanskrit from Devi Kavacham, "yam yam chintayate kamam tam tam prapnoti nishchitam". A man becomes what he thinks all day long. The same has been mentioned in all holy books: Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib, and the same has been actually true and I am standing as a real example in front of you.

If you think you want to become a quality and highly paid digital writopreneur, you will actually become that. You just need to wish for the thing as if it is already real and keep focusing on your worthwhile goal. Your intention should be just like a warrior or soldier -- focused, aggressive, consistent, determined marked by a true love for your mission. Remember the way you love your parents, kids, or beloved. If you are determined and you have tears flowing through one of your eyes, you can relate to what I am trying to say to you.

Amazing Features

Creativity will involve utilization of a story that can give a new and different but nonboring angle to your content while adding to the overall value.

Digital writopreneuring is the most advanced field for aspiring writers. After joining the training, aspiring writers can become self-sufficient entrepreneurs in the writing and allied fields and can launch their startups. Coaching is provided to groom writers in the fields of effective writing, editing and proofreading, self-branding and becoming confident on camera. The writers can choose from a range of diverse fields while generating money from multiple streams during the training period.

All aspiring writers who enroll for the Digital Writopreneurs Hub training become eligible for Digital Writopreneur’s Writing Contest. The contests are conducted every 60 days. The trainee writer needs to complete 30 featured articles during this period. Upon successful completion of the articles, the winners are selected and cash rewards are distributed in live sessions. The cash rewards are 100 dollars, 50 dollars, 25 dollars and many consolation prizes of 10 dollars each. Trainee writers receive cash rewards and digital appreciation at each level of training. Community assistance awards and surprise cash prizes is a regular affair.

a) Proper usage of grammar

b) Meaningful sentences

c) No repetition of words in a sentence

d) Avoidance of spelling errors or typos

e) Excellent use of vocabulary as per the subject

f) Proper formatting of heading levels

g) Consistent layout

h) Catchy, to-the-point, and effective headline and summary that connect with the right audience

Why Writers Need Their Passion Niche?

Passion niche is all about this. An insect, a worm, a bird and an animal; all are making a life. But what different I am doing. Am I living or am I just surviving?

I am not living my life when it is not aligning with my passion. Here passion niche comes into the picture.

Go back in your past – think about your college days – your most passionate days.

Ask your friends or colleagues what valuable advice they have got from you.

Passion is the fuel that drives us to get out of bed in the morning; it moves us toward our goals.

Write down something you already love doing.

Find out what you spend hours reading about.

Do as much research as possible.

Why Writers Need Their Passion Niche?

Now understand this thing. Suppose you get inside a drug store and it has two types of crates – on one it is written “medicine” and on another “the name of the medicine” that you are looking for so what you will pick. Simple! What you are looking for. Right! So here is the key.

Is your life precious to you? I am asking. Your life. Is it precious to you? Right ‘yes’ in your mind if it is.

How I can Become a Digital Writopreneur?

So before you invest your life into something, you must look whether today if I will invest my life into this.

After 25 years, will it still mean a lot to me?

After 50 years, will it still mean a lot to me? Ask yourself.

At the end of your life, will you be proud of what you have done?

Are you just trying to make a living or are you just trying to make a life out of this?

Solution #1:

The first thing is to withdraw from all types of pressures in your life; pressure of peers, parents, professors, girlfriend/boyfriend and wife/husband. Now once the pressure is withdrawn, think what was something you always wanted to do. Again at this point when you are thinking, “don’t think about your mentor”. You don’t have to become like him. You are unique.

Solution #2

You are precious. You have a different perspective and you have a different way to do things. When you will connect with your passion on these lines then you will find your best passion niche.

How you can make money with Digital Writopreneurs Hub?

To keep your level of motivation and inspiration high, we are sponsoring various writing contests and cash prizes.

Proofs that convey everything

What students Say

wow. Congratulations Rajinderji. you are a truly genuine person. I am happy to know you as a person and I am happy to be part of your team. All team members are kind and helpful.

Meenal Deshpande Blogger

Wow. Congratulations 🎉👏🎆. This is a wonderful achievement indeed. You're a passionate and empathetic trainer. I am sure glad to be a part of this active hub of writers and editors from all over India and all walks of life- Coaches, doctors, officers, students, homemakers, writers, editors, teachers, bloggers, and many more.

Nitin Khaire Teacher

Congratulations Sir and all the writers in this group 💐💐💐💐💐💐 Proud to be a part of Digital Writopreneur's Hub. My journey is about to begin and I am excited. I wish this community keeps growing

Risha Khan Content Writer

If you really want to go ahead and make the hub strong, you must assign top performers the responsibility of bringing those who are not regular in attending meetings, mastermind sessions and yet to complete the courses.that will be a smooth sailing.

Gopal Anand Entrepreneur

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