🌟🔥 Important Announcement for Digital Writopreneurs🌟🔥

I am on a mission to connect with 2 lakh Indian writers and provide them multiple streams of income. I have already given them four proven and working opportunities to generate revenue (passive as well as quick):

  • Digital Writopreneurs writing platform to create long-term passive income with all technicalities and challenges cleared regarding writing, editing, passing quality assessment process (5 articles in bootcamp), proven social media promotion strategies and monetization techniques. All step-by-step instructions are loaded inside my video training system. For more information to join us, watch this YouTube video.
  • Digital Writopreneurs writing contest where I pay 225 dollars worth of cash prizes to writers who write for the 30 articles in 30 days contest. Already paid to several members with screenshots shared in my WhatsApp and telegram groups and also on my social media platforms.
  • Digital Writopreneurs training affiliate system where writers are making 25% commission for each referral. Quickly paid several trustworthy writers for their long-term efforts.
  • Digital Writopreneurs surprise cash prizes and community assistance awards for selfless writers going out of way and helping other writers in my absence. Paid to several writers and shared screenshots in my email campaigns with name of the digital writopreneur.

Now on February 23, 2020, I launched my first website rajindersoni.com to add 5th quick revenue stream to enrich my digital writopreneurs.

Announcement made in the Digital Writopreneurs inner circle

Now please tell me do you want to write on my website and get paid by me for each post. I will give one-time payment to all writers who have completed their 30 articles at my Digital Writopreneurs writing platform. Read guidelines mentioned below:

  1. Only quality posts will be published on rajindersoni.com
  2. DW writers who have completed their 30 articles after getting trained by me will qualify to write on rajindersoni.com
  3. The articles will be edited by me and I will add name and one social media link of writers below the posts so that they can become famous and get more work opportunities.
  4. I will own the copyright of all your posts as I will pay to you as per market rates and as per the value you provide in your articles.
  5. I will give you the topics and word count limit for each article.

I have created this in an effort to give one more income stream to Digital Writopreneurs🌟😀. Now I have provided you with 5 income-generating models. And this is just the beginning. I will 😊 gladly add several other revenue streams for the benefit of writers whom I trust in terms of quality and hard work so whoever is writing and performing more will earn more. You do nothing you earn nothing. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Write, publish and promote and earn passive income throughout the next 15 years. If you want quick money write on rajindersoni.com and get paid by me instantly. If you want more quick money refer your friends to join our system and you will generate more income. If you are writing 30 articles in 30 days every month, you can win any prize from me — 💯 dollars, 50 dollars, 25 dollars and five prizes of dollars each.


Rajinder Soni, CEO

Digital Writopreneurs Hub


6 thoughts on “🌟🔥 Important Announcement for Digital Writopreneurs🌟🔥”

  1. It was nice reading articles on this website https://www.rajindersoni.com.
    I could see the integration of many aspects of this website. First is an important invitation to writers to transform themselves as online writers. Second is the Digital Writopreneurship Model. It is a very interesting revenue-sharing model, rarely seen in the conventional platforms. Various social media promotions and YouTube videos on different avenues encourage the aspirants for online writing.
    Articles on personality improvement by following ’10 Proven Habits of Successful People’, selection of ‘Micro Niches for Online Writers’ for having a regular readership and following a proven system for success, are educative and practically oriented aspects taking the visitors on to the path to success. Encouragement and motivation based growth is highly promising.
    I am the evidence for three prizes under this model. One is 100 dollars for writing 30 articles in 30 days and another 30 dollars prize, sharing with my team-mate for writing 31 articles in 30 days, as well as the third prize of Rs 500 for writing a positive comment on Facebook.
    Not only because of the prizes being attractive, but it is also really a revolutionary model for the writers to get metamorphosis as Digital Writopreneurs with mentor’s support throughout, the positively interacting and encouraging team of Telegram community and earnings for the life-time.
    I wish this website may become the futuristic Digital Writopreneurs Hub portal of 2 lakh writers in the near future by a gesture of growing together.

    1. Thank you so much Muralikrishna Halemane. The site is waiting for your motivational articles on consistent writing. You are the first person in Digital Writopreneurs Hub who not only crossed 30 articles but also supported new and emerging writers in various ways. You were the first person to win the 100-dollar cash prize on 21 November 2019.

      Your achievements and exemplary service for DW Hub despite being busy throughout the day in your full-time job as a chief officer for IRDA are worth appreciation.

      You are cordially invited to start writing for rajindersoni.com and get paid and your name below each article.

      I wish you and your family Happy Holi.

  2. Hi Rajinder,

    The Grammar session that you conducted today, was truly awesome, informative and very engaging! Had fun participating in the drills. There was a lot of learning and being part of a group added a lot of value! The way you crosschecked online, showed how to research. Thank you so much.

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