👌 Picking up the Most Burning Questions Asked by Readers and Answering Them

👌 Pick up the most burning questions asked by your target customers or readers and answer them by creating:

* Written articles and LinkedIn posts
* Audio events and podcasts
* YouTube videos and Instagram reels

Is an excellent method to provide high value and grow globally.😇

Addressing burning questions asked by your readers in your content is really important.

It’s something that we often overlook, but it can make a huge impact on the success of our work as a blogger or a coach.

Let me tell you my story.

When I first started writing on https://lnkd.in/dYeemZ_F, I luckily noticed a question-and-answer bank that had thousands of questions asked by the readers on HP.

I decided to pick 3 questions every day and started finding solutions for them.

Then I started writing 800-word answers to those questions in my own words and started converting them into articles.

In this process, I published almost 500 articles and won 800 dollars in cash prizes.

The 500 articles that I wrote over there started paying me another 1000 dollars per month.

This led to my outstanding Google authority.

I uploaded and promoted my articles to various social media marketing portals and this enhanced my authority further.

Then I noticed that many international authors started referencing my detailed and well-research work in their famous published books. This gave me more fame.

Then I started following other writers on HP and started typing valuable comments below their articles.

I did the same on various other organic forums and left my article’s link below each post strategically and this increased the power of my backlinks.

Long-form content, solid backlinking, and immediate replies to my comments gave me much-needed Google brand fame.

When I launched Digital Writopreneurs Academy in September 2019, I started creating articles, podcasts, and videos that tackled the daily issues of my writers in the beginning and now of my digital coaches.

I poured my heart and soul into each piece of content while ensuring that it was informative, helpful, and engaging.

And guess what? It worked.

Not only did my followers appreciate the content, but my writers and coaches are also finding my content to be very helpful. So I am continuing the same process now that I followed back in 2006.


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