10 Secrets to Write a Featured Article

Nitin is sharing 10 secrets to write a featured article:

  • Deliver what you promised

This is a very basic thing to keep in mind when writing your article. If you have promised apples, don’t deliver lemons. If your title is “7 ways to write a viral blog post”, don’t write just 5 ways to write a viral blog post. In fact, it is better to underpromise and overdeliver. Your readers will appreciate the value that you provide and will remain your loyal readers in the long run. Ensure that the title reflects the content.

Last Saturday I did 1-hour grammar session, 3-hour editorial session on Sunday, one on Monday and another on Thursday and the results are incredible. Today I am really happy to see that many new writers who joined our Digital Writopreneurs Hub were able to publish their first article. Now the next step was  to “get their articles featured” so I conducted another session and it has been embedded as above video.
  • Keep a consistent and interesting narrative

Let your content be interesting and engrossing the reader’s attention. Don’t let it become boring but keep it prepped up with stories, experiences and humor if it fits in. Let there be a natural flow of words related to the topic. Let the readers feel an emotional connection with your writing. In this way, there will be more engagement and you will build rapport with your readers.

  • Present your information in an easily readable way

There is a readability factor in articles that is very important to hold the reader’s attention. The readability of your article can be easy, medium or hard. Always aim to make your article easy to read. Most of the readers are just normal readers and want something easy to read. Don’t use very high sounding and complicated words. The reader does not want to refer to the dictionary while reading your article. So use commonly understood terms and write short, crisp sentences. Even a school going student should be able to read your article easily.

  • Use appropriate capitalization, correct grammar and flawless spelling

Using grammatically correct sentences is very important to make the article look interesting. Grammatical mistakes put off the reader and act as a distraction. They can cause the reader to lose interest in reading further. Eventually, the reader will give up reading and move on to something more interesting. There are some very good online tools available to check your articles for grammatical errors. Grammarly and Hemingway are two that have free versions. They are both excellent tools to check your article and make it grammatically acceptable. There are other paid tools as well but to begin with, these two are sufficient.

  • Give your article an amazing title

Giving an amazing title to your article is extremely important. The first thing that a reader notices about your article is the title. The title is what attracts potential readers to your article. If the title is not powerful and attention grabbing, you will lose your reader. Copywriters know the importance of the title so they spend a lot of energy and creativity to develop a powerful title. A title should have power words, common words, emotional words and uncommon words in the right proportion to grab the reader’s attention. There is a whole psychological study about this and hundreds of pages have been written on this topic. There are tools to check how your titles score on all the above-mentioned factors, such as, emotional, power, common and uncommon words. Just as the cover of a book is important so is the title of an article.

  • Meet the word count

There are many SEO-Search Engine Optimization studies on the internet. Basically, SEO means the process by which writers make their article more search engine friendly. The more an article meets the search engine requirements, the more it will be shown in the search engines like Google and Bing. Now there are many factors on which an article is ranked in the search engines one of which is the length of the articles. There are conflicting opinions about whether the word count is a factor for ranking. But it seems like the word count is definitely a ranking factor. Most articles that rank in the first few results of Google are usually long-form articles of 2000-3000 words or more. So it is recommended to write long articles of at least 1000 words.

  • Include at least two high quality and relevant images

Another factor for ranking your articles and making it reader friendly too is to make it media rich. Include several HD images, preferably your own. Let these images be relevant to your topic. Images will provide a rich reading experience for your readers. It will make them read your article until the end. Search engines also like it when they see relevant images in your article. It is a ranking factor but more importantly, it enhances your readers reading experience. One golden rule to always follow while writing articles is that you must write for your readers and not for the search engines.

  • Make the article interesting to read and engage audience with poll, video or quiz

Another thing you can do to make your article readable and attractive is to use polls, videos or quizzes. This piques the readers’ interest and makes it an enjoyable reading experience for them. Use different tools to keep the reader’s attention glued to your article. You can even embed your videos in the article to make it more interesting. Polls and quizzes stimulate reader’s thinking and help them to understand things better.

  • Use several text capsules/paragraphs

To make the article attractive, use several small paragraphs or capsules. Writing large paragraphs makes the article very boring. Let every paragraph be of 2 to 3 short sentences only. This makes the article look nice and clean. People like to read articles that are uncluttered and have a clean look.

  • Do your research properly

To write great articles, you must do thorough research about the topic you want to write about. Find out whether the topic is trending at the moment. Research whether there is a good search volume for the topic. You can do this in Google search or Google trends. There are other free and paid tools like Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Semrush and others. Check out proper keywords for your article and include them in your title, meta description and in your article itself. Use the keyword at the beginning and last paragraph. Avoid keyword stuffing but let it look natural. If you take these 10 things into consideration while writing your article, your articles will attract readers and search engines. You will find satisfaction too for having written an article that the readers find valuable.

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  1. It’s very important for digital teachers to be good writers. If they can’t write properly on the digital platform then they can’t think of teaching and building a digital teaching empire . Then they’ll remain simple offline coaches only.

  2. According to me some of the articles are published with errors due to hurried publication. The other reason being non-native English authors having thought process in the mother tongue influencing writings with grammatical errors.
    Today’s mastermind session tried to bring out insights on such aspects. Also valuable downloads on subject-verb drill and correct grammar usages were provided amidst time limits. Great session indeed.

  3. Khrawbor Nonglang

    Rajinder Sir, you never fail to amaze us with the degree of selflessness and love you bring to the table bring through these videos and that is what makes your content stand out from the rest, I think. Anyways, as every time massive value was added and I don’t regret a minute watching the Video. You really are a gift sir, you really made a difference. This Quote Speaks for itself…

    ” Keep Away From People Who Try To Belittle Your Ambitions.
    Small People Always Do That,
    But The Really Great Make You Feel That You, Too, Can Become
    Great. – and you are the latter.
    Thank You, again Rajinder Sir and also Nitin for putting together this valued Article, well done.and
    Keep up the good work.

  4. These are the golden nuggets for beginners and all those who aren’t successful until now in writing quality articles. Most people fail to write articles. Once you master the skills of article writing and become an expert, it becomes easy to drive quality traffic to any of your articles or offers. These above steps will enhance one’s skill to take precautions to write quality articles.

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