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I am amazed by Rajinder Soni's incredible service done for my Podcast interview introducing myself as "Massive Actions Coach".
The amount of preparation he has done for it like interview editing, proofreading, correcting making it effective, and enhancing its overall experience is fantastic.
He has done all the work and also created graphics, and done one-to-one rehearsal and preparation. The amount of work, time, and energy he puts into these is really commendable.
As a result, my first take of the interview was unbelievably good and I am totally satisfied with this. Thanks Rajinder for all the support to making my interview successfull.

Mallikharjuna Raju J
(Principal IT Consultant Turned Massive Actions Coach)


I had two interviews with Rajinder Sir after the micro-niche clarity session. He helped me carve an impactful mission, vision and purpose statement to become a mentor-mentee relationship coach.
He has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the digital coaching industry. The questions that he asked me during my interviews are a solid proof of his expertise as a digital coach. The questions were on how to help your mentees to develop a positive mindset and eliminate distractions, to handle difficult students during webinar sessions, and reciting affirmations to gain unshakeable confidence in life, etc.
The two interviews helped me gain more clarity toward my mission. We are also working together on podcasting and this has been an amazing experience.

Risha Khan
(Writer and Editor Turned Mentor--Mentee Coach)


Today, I attended the branding session by Mr Rajinder Soni Sir. It was well-elaborated and scheduled session to gain the knowledge about branding. We got what we were expecting, just like any seminar.
But ...
This session was different.
We got MORE than his commitment. He EXCELS in delivering value in very session just like the cherry on the cake.
Acing different targets with one shot is his best teaching. Above that, how we can do that as and when required was like poetry in air.
The added value he gave us today, different from all of his previous sessions or any, was to never look back in the past but run forward, completely focused, and not eyeing anything else.
High level of commitment, hard work, and continuous monitoring of your every step and thought can actually lead you to success, because excellence is the key to it.
,So, join us in his next session. Let's connect with each other. Let us smile together and spread happiness all around. Let our dreams fly too. It is NOW or NEVER.

Shaifali Goyal Sangal
(Medical Copyeditor Turned Single Moms Happiness Coach)


The interview felt effortless and flowed easily. I was thrilled about the questions that I was asked as they helped me tell my story to the people. He listens intently and shares his own relatable experiences, which just makes the message stronger. He is truly supportive of an individual's mission and purpose in life.
Rajinder has expertise in helping people monetize their soul purpose. He even helped me launch my first community group on WhatsApp and make my first sale!
That was an empowering experience. Rajinder believes in people and their will to do great things.

(Backend Engineer Turned Ego Alchemy Coach)