As a Digital Coach, How to Start the First Interaction with Your New Connection?

As a digital coach or teacher, starting the first interaction with a new connection is important in creating a positive and productive coaching relationship.

1. The first step 🥇 is to greet and welcome the new member inside your community.

2. The second step is to ask them to share their name, city, designation, and requirements.

3. Once they submit their details, the third step is to ask them open-ended questions to derive more details from them.

4. The fourth step is to begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your client’s needs, goals, and expectations. This will enable you to tailor your approach accordingly and also demonstrate empathy toward their situation.

5. To further establish trust and rapport, it’s important to actively listen to their concerns, highlighting similarities between them and yourself while validating their perspectives.

6. The sixth step is to provide them with clear communication about the end goals and objectives of the coaching session or program can help alleviate any fears or uncertainties about the program.

7. Some students come to you for guidance after failing with other mentors who just sold them courses and did not provide valuable training. You need to handle these students very carefully as they are skeptical and sensitive about everything.

8. To take care of such students, the best strategy is to only give them 121 sessions and don’t share anything about the courses.

9. Always commit less and deliver more value.

10. Give them maximum value for their money.

11. Once they have passed the initial phase of trust buildup and they have taken enough value from you, ask them to give you a testimonial.

12. After you have received the testimonial, give them more value and stay committed. After some time, these students will turn into your most loyal customers because of the value you have delivered as per the commitment.

If you say something and then do it, there is no other better digital coach than you.

What would you add?

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