Benefits and Importance of Digitalization for Traditional Businesses

Rajinder Soni (Digital Writopreneurs Hub) Presents Facebook Live Session on Benefits and Importance of Digitalization for Traditional Businesses

I am a writer and editor turned digital writopreneur.

Husband of a loving wife and father of two energetic and charming kids

I joined a live webinar of my mentor in July 2019 and created my digital coaching system.

I am on a mission to connect with 200000 writers in India and help them generate multiple streams of income and as of today 101 writers from different states of India have already joined my digital writopreneurs system

I take extreme pride in reaching this goal as I always want to help other people. Today I am doing this Facebook Live session to spread awareness about the benefits and importance of digitalization of business models that have been dependent on traditional offline infrastructure.

Benefits of Building a Digital Business

Digital presence and branding of your organization

Helps in opening up of new contact channels with customers

The customer remains connected throughout the business life cycle

Better decision-making capabilities due to use of artificial intelligence

Improved efficiency and productivity

Innovative digital ideas

Easy communication with team members

Better teamwork

Improved working conditions

Work from home or café on your own terms

No need to buy or rent work space

Your employees will not be required to come to the office. They will comfortably manage the work from home

Lockdowns due to virus threats will have no impact on your business

You can conduct online meetings, video conferences and webinars to connect with your team and clients

Payment system will be easy and secured. No cash transaction means no threat of virus spread.

As there is no physical infrastructure so you do not have threat from regional or community violence or even threat from robbers who may run away with your precious equipment such as laptops, desktops or printers.

Importance of Transferring your Traditional Offline Business to Online Platforms – Lead Generation

You will generate more leads with video marketing by creating YouTube channel for your organization.

Your will build online rapport.

You can apply your offline marketing skills to digital platforms and multiply your sales

Word of mouth advertisement is really good and you will actually get more benefit out of this when you will connect online.

Many people will start connecting with you organically which means due to your popularity

You should stop spending money on print media advertisements as no one reads those pamphlets or brochures that you send them inside newspapers.

Do you want to learn how to transfer your existing business model to digital platforms and start building your online brand?

Let me show you how to do it.

How to Transfer Your Offline Brand to Online?

Clarify your message and use your already created mission statement

Create a logo for your brand. For example, Murali Health Systems, Inc. as a brand and as the name of website

Upload the same business profile photograph – similar on YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp and all other social media channels

Build a digital sales and marketing strategy

How to warm up your online market?

Warm up your online market by optimizing social media channels.

Facebook and YouTube Lives of your brand by yourself in the beginning

If you cannot do on your own, hire a brand ambassador and help him/her conduct your businesses’ YouTube and Facebook Lives showcasing your brand value to create audience.

Now how you will convert this audience into buyers of your online products

Conversions – to convert audience to buyers  — hook what kind of posts, blogs, videos you can create – for example, how to improve your health by 3x, how to lose weight with diet, etc.

What Systems You Need to Transfer Your Present Model to Digital Business?

E-mail marketing – although it is old but still you need to keep this strategy as this should be a part of your online marketing systems. Meeting, conferences and sales webinar platforms.

Meetings to connect with teams and your loyal clients.

Online webinars for the general public to create a buzz around your brand.

Websites to showcase your products such as online shopping portals.

Online forums for grievance redressal or customer feedback §SMS marketing to buzz up leads regarding discount or festival offers

Automated calls to call them inside the webinars and meetings

Video marketing to showcase products to a larger audience.

What to Expect on This Journey – Phases of Growth

§Just go with clear focus and clarity §Identifying your market online – if you have products to sell start posting them online §Set up your online communications systems quickly – most important §Set up your first product online §Through mastermind sessions engage your clients §Attract new customers §Master the game of online lead generation and conversion §Analyze and scale

Purpose and Mission: Close Your Eyes and Say this to Yourself Right Now

I will start moving my offline business to digital platforms.

I will invest in website domain and hosting, creating video channels, online reputation management, etc.

I want to become a digital businessman and my business should not stop due to regional violence or country lockdowns.

I am passionate about digital transformation.

I want to sell online and get paid for my efforts.

World needs my product and my business is ready for the online setup.

I am aligned to my true purpose and mission and I will utilize online platforms to spread awareness about my mission.

The mission statement should be in alignment with your target market.

The secret is YOU.

What will be your task for the next 30 days?

Go with clear focus.

Fuel – Strangest Secret in the world. Look at your goal card.

Be compliant from day number 1

Some Examples of Online Business Models

Digital Ayurveda

Digital Grocery Store

Online Chartered Accountant

Online Stock Trading

Online Physiotherapy

Online Finance Consultants

Mindset Planning and Goal Setting

The ‘Strangest Secret’ tape by Earl Nightingale has helped me tremendously in transforming my business digitally.

A man becomes what he thinks all day long.

The true power lies between your two ears. If you will utilize that power then you can save yourself from future hard work, lock downs, thefts, etc.

You will run and create automated business throughout life from the comfort of your home.

The decision lies in your hand.

Are you with me on this? Do you want to create your digital business? Do you want to build your brand?

For consultation please call me at 7291849502 (Rajinder Soni, CEO, Digital Writopreneurs Hub)

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