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How to Making Learning Faster, Easy and Joyful for the Adult   Learner

Once upon a time, one went to school and then college and therein ended the learning phase of one’s life. Not anymore. Over the past decades, learning has become a vital skill in the corporate world. Even elsewhere people are learning new skills, switching careers, creating start-ups.

Also with the deluge of information on all conceivable topics, one is forced to become a smart learner. Just to remain in the same place, we have to keep moving. Constant updating of skills demands us to become better and smarter learners.

Learning is a skill that will never go out of fashion and with these strategies in your kitty, anybody, young or old can become a skilful, smart and quick learner.

#1. Understand Your Study Habits

This would require you to understand details like-

  • what are your favourite subjects,
  • which are your least favourite subjects
  • at what time do you like to study
  • are you imaginative or logical

   This will be useful in planning out your study routine.

#2. Are You a Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic Learner

     If you are visual, you need to see the page, images to understand and retain information better. If you are auditory, you learn mostly through listening and if you are a kinesthetic learner, you learn by touching, feeling. It is almost as if the information is stored in your body and you rely on muscle memory.

So if you are a visual learner, you need to see videos to understand concepts better whereas the auditory learner would make use of podcasts, audio recording to learn. The kinesthetic learner will need to draw and plot out as it is not possible to always do. Experiments are ideal for the kinesthetic learner.

Get your materials, learning props, apps based on these learning styles.

#3. State of Mind

For the best learning to happen, you need to be in a receptive state. When you are happy and keen to learn, you become like a child and children are the best learners.

And you need to be actively involved, engaged in the learning and interacting with the information. Create mind maps, visuals, presentation. Make it fun. That is also the reason why people join clubs, do group study.

Learn as if you intend to do teach someone and actually teach someone at least the key points.

# 4. Use References

Reference involves creating a subject you know well with a subject that you are just learning. This is so useful to learn complex concepts. Ever tried to teach your child concepts on speed and distance with the example of your cars? And remember, how easily they grasped the concept.

I once saw a 70 old, learning a literature concept through his favourite subject Physics, and remember being absolutely fascinated.

This is also called ‘talking in their language’. In your case, you just use it for yourself.

# 5. Repetition  

Repetition is the Mother of Learning. When you learn a new topic, within the next 24 hours revise it. Then again, within the next 3 days. Then again, before the end of the week and finally within the month.

This pattern of repetition helps in creating long term mental files from the information. New connections are formed and the repetition enables the connections to be strengthened. It becomes long-term memory which is the ideal destination.

# 6. Food, Sleep, Exercise

When we sleep, the brain processes all the new information and creates long term memory. So, learn a new concept repeatedly and sleep well on it. This is the best method for creating a permanent file.

The brain needs water and oxygen to work well. So remain well hydrated. Practise deep breathing techniques, meditation and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and nuts.

The body and mind are deeply connected. Any movement in the body benefits the brain as well. That is also why you get some really good ideas when you are exercising or meditating.

Your brain will reward you by storing and recalling the information well.

# 7 Work on Your Beliefs

Were you ever humiliated by a teacher or a friend or a family member? Did they say anything nasty about your learning abilities? Is that belief still stuck in the head and asserts itself every time you try to learn something.

Then time to work on those beliefs. Try affirmations and subconscious reprogramming by repeating powerful affirmation last time in the night and the first time in the morning.

Repeat “ I am turning out to be a really good learner.”

“I am better than I give myself credit for.”

“ As I learn, I am getting better and better at this”.


These strategies will take the stress out of learning. After all, learning is meant to be enjoyable. Knowledge is power but it is also pleasure. So take out the pressure and make it enjoyable.

Happy and enjoyable learning!

What is that one idea that made the most sense to you? Do leave a comment and share with all your friends who are learning.


Written by: sowspeaks

                    Sowrabha Mahesh, Happy member of Digital Writopreneurs Hub


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Do you want to make your personality attractive? Do you want to impress others with your awesome personality? Then this article is only for you.


Many people think that personality is all about external appearance. But it is not so. Personality is all about what you think and feel about yourself. It also means how you behave in front of the world. So some person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are so good that they become charming.  They have all the traits of an attractive personality and thus they can attract anyone. But an attractive personality is also a learnable thing for those who don’t have it. One can easily learn the basic rules of personality development to make personality charming or attractive easily.  Let us study those methods one by one-

  1. Communication: You need to master communication skills. You have to become socially active. The more you meet will people, the more you will get to learn about new things. Also, you will be able to make lots of friends. The more you will have friends, the more you will feel confident and attractive. On the other hand, if you are someone who does not like to communicate with people and doesn’t have many friends then you will feel isolated and dejected. So try to upgrade your social skills and engage with more and more people.


  1. Laugh at yourself: You may find it a bit awkward but you should have the courage to make a laugh of yourself. That doesn’t mean you will become a joker in front of the world. But you must have an adequate sense of humor to turn any embarrassing situations in your favor. For example: if you are giving a speech or talking in a group and say something wrong, then instead of feeling embarrassed accept your mistake. Then laugh at your own mistake. This will give a positive impression of you on other people as others will think you are confident enough to accept and laugh at your mistakes in front of others.



  1. Smile: It is one of the important things that make your personality attractive. When you talk to someone make sure you are maintaining a smiling face. This can surely make a good impression every time you meet people. When you enter any place with a smiling face you are sending some positive vibes to other people. Remember the more people feel positive near you, the more they will be attracted to you. Also, maintaining a smiling face everywhere gives a message to everyone that you are a confident guy and not among those who get afraid of any challenges.


  1. Always keep a Cool: Try to be calm and composed in every situation. If you are too sensitive, you will not be able to mix in social gatherings. This is because even a small tone of a joke can irritate you and make you fire against your friends. So try to be happy and chilled everywhere. There is nothing to get serious about anything. So enjoy your life and your valuable moments with friends.



  1. Dressing sense: By dressing sense, it does not mean that you have to wear fancy and branded clothes everywhere. It only means that you have to choose the dress combination which suits you the most. If you ant then you can learn some fashion tips from youtube videos or fashion blogs. Also. Groom yourself properly. Be neat and clean. It’s a myth in today’s world that appearance does not matter. A harsh fact is that appearance does matter and you have to make your impression good. So upgrade your dressing sense to upgrade your appearance.


  1. The tone of speaking: Tone of speaking means voice modulations. You have to change your tone regularly while speaking. This will make your audience more attracted to you. Also, pause while delivering the main words or points of your speech. It will put a greater impact on the minds of your audience. But be aware! Done do voice modulations so much that it feels like you are reciting a poem or singing a song. Also don’t take such a long pause that instead of attracting, you lose your audience’s attention.



  1. Be Humble: The most important point to be remembered is to be humble. Don’t be rude or don’t show off things. People hate it the most. If you want to attract more and more people, then make sure that you finish your ego and have a kind heart. Extend your helping hand to others. Always do good and never expect anything in return. People will automatically be attracted to you because of your good deeds and humbleness. This is called the law of Karma.

So these are all the steps through which you can make your personality attractive. You can become the spotlight wherever you go. So just follow these steps and try to incorporate them into your habits. You will soon see noticeable progress in your personality. So if you found this article useful then please don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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Have you ever thought what are the habits that make one successful? What every successful people have in common? If no, then you have come to the right place. This article talks about 7 habits that can make you highly successful in the future.


The definition of success may differ from person to person. For some success may mean achieving financial freedom. For a sportsman, it may mean winning trophies or tournaments. While for some success may simply mean achieving mental as well physical well-being and happiness. But whatever maybe your definition of success, there are some common traits of every successful people which you can follow. Making these traits your daily habits can increase your probability of success in the future. Let us discuss the 7 habits of every successful people-


  1. Setting Goals

It is rightly said that a person without a goal is just like a ship without a sail. It is seen that every successful people are very clear about their aims and objectives. They are very aware of what to do and to avoid. They utilize their full energy and focus to accomplish their goal. Hence, eventually, they fulfill their objective and become successful.


 On the contrary, unsuccessful people remain uncertain about their goals. They try out different tasks. This diverts their energy into various fields. Thus they are not able to deliver work with 100% effort. This makes their chance of winning very low.


  1. Self Learning

Successful people are obsessed with self-learning. They always have the hunger to learn more. Instead of wasting time on social media, they do self-investment by learning new things.


 Thus they always remain a step ahead of others in this competitive world. Their hunger for learning makes them almost undefeatable as they will always have new skills and knowledge with others who will not even know. This makes them highly successful in their life.


  1. Taking Own Responsibility


Some people always cry about their difficult situations while some put their best efforts to change the situations. The latter is the successful people. Successful people never complain or blame anyone for their failures.  They may fall several times but they rise every single time to try one more time.


This attitude is what differentiates them from unsuccessful people. So if you want to succeed in life then make sure that no matter how harsh the situations become, you will not blame anyone and try your best to overcome the obstacles.


  1. Time Management

Another characteristic of successful people is that they manage their time very wisely. They know exactly when and how to do a particular task. They not only plan their present but also future routines. Even if they are asked to do multiple tasks, they could do it with ease. This is because of their ability to split their time and work most effectively.


  1. Reading

Books are perhaps the best friend of every successful people. Most of the thriving people tend to live lonely and dedicate most of their time to reading books.

Reading books daily takes your chances of success to the highest point. There are a lot of benefits that you can reap from reading daily like

  • Improve concentration
  • Enhancing knowledge and reasoning skills
  • Widening our mental horizon
  • Amplifying our social conversations


  1. Risks: One of the most common traits found in every successful people is that they take a lot of risks. History is evident that people who have become successful in life are not afraid of taking risks. They can put their everything in threat only to achieve their main goal. So if you want to be counted in the list of successful people, learn to take risks. This is because
  • Taking risks will make you courageous in life.
  • Irrespective of the outcome, you will grow in the process and become more resilient and confident
  • Risks improve the chances of achieving future goals.
  • The path to success is not linear. So for this, you must be able to take calculated risks to try out every possible way of achieving success.
  1. Work love:  To become successful, you must love what you are doing. If you are doing some work out of force, you cannot do it for a long time and hence cant become successful. To achieve your goal, you must learn to do your work with full enthusiasm and focus. But that is not possible until and unless you love what you are doing. So no matter which profession you are in, you should be proud of that and make your work your soul mate. You must take care and love it in the way you do with your partner. Only then you will be able to achieve success.


So these are all the baits of a successful person. Try to incorporate this into your day-to-day life to make it your habit. Soon you will see that you also have similar traits like that of successful people. And the day it happens, success will not be far from you.


#successful_people #motivation



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Self Confidence

Self-confidence is the belief that you are correct, it is the trust in your abilities, it shows when you accept the mistake and your openness to learning, it helps you take risks to make decisions. It is like the daily exercises you do to keep yourself fit if you do not do it for a day you know the impact. In the same way you need to be confident every day to build and improve your self-confidence and the main source for this is yourself, your knowledge, experience and accomplishment. 


The following points will help you to build and develop your self-confidence:


1) Dress for Success, Work for Success 

Getting dressed is almost the first thing we do every morning. Primarily the dress we wear should be comfortable and neat looking. When you have comfortably dressed your conversation with everyone you meet on that day would be successful as you need not be concerned about your appearance. 


Before you start your work for the day have a prioritized to-do list also make sure it is flexible enough to accommodate any urgent work. This list to be updated at regular intervals and when you review the list at the end of the day it would give you a sense of achievement. 


2) Posture and Articulation

Posture is the way you carry yourself where ever you go it matters as someone is watching all the time. Walk as if you are on an important assignment keep smiling, talk to people by choosing words wisely, maintain eye contact, and ensure you are in a straight posture whether you are sitting or standing. 


If you are in a discussion and you know the reply to a query then your reply should be spontaneous. Even if your reply is incomplete or incorrect at least you attempted and with that your public speaking got better right away. If you had clue about the discussion plan and demonstrate your articulation skills via new words from your vocabulary. Once you have achieved something you must celebrate the success.



3) Keep Learning and Keep Going 

Continue to learn every day for personal and professional growth. Take up something new for your growth for instance involve yourself in group activities with other people in your locality in the larger interest of your community. 


At work, volunteer to take up the additional task, implement the smarter way of doing the routine. A new skill learnt on the professional front helps in your career advancement. Learning and mastering any new skill requires practicing it as much as possible, have a great focus on it to improve the learning, spend additional time on the new skill, and even small progress made daily gives you confidence and your belief to learn becomes firm. The new skills applied at work will fetch you recognition for providing the solution through the new skill but If you had continued to do what you are good at you would be stuck in your comfort zone which is never safe.


Doing something more on the personal and professional front gives you additional strength, confidence and keeps your fear away. Initially, you may feel it difficult but once you decide to go further you will realize it as an opportunity to utilize your full potential you become a self-starter as well. If you start thinking the other way like can I do this, what others will think about me if I do it these become your boundaries? If you need to be confident you need to go beyond your boundaries to know what are you competent in doing and a world of opportunity will be right in front of you. 



4) Achieve the Goal

When you have a goal for yourself naturally your efforts and path will be clear to you. Subsequently, you will be dedicated to achieving your goal, and progress made daily will take you closer to it. For example: if you plan to learn smart ways to work on a new computer application by end of 3-4 weeks from now you would be working on the application like a pro.Sometimes your inner voice may start moving to the negative side immediately divert it to the positive side as it may become a hindrance in achieving the goal and gradually affects your confidence too.



When you are confident you will be able to handle the circumstances no matter what it may be in addition you will be ready to learn from the outcome of it and your confidence generally makes you expect positive results at all times. Hence it is important to be self-confident always as it enhances your courage to do away with any problem on your path to a successful life.


Please share about any challenging situation which you won because of your self-confidence and do let me know any other similar opinions through your comments.


Written by: Pavan Madahavamurthy, Digital Writoprenuer

Edited by: Rajinder Soni, Digital Coach, CEO DW Hub 

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Successful tips for preparing for an interview based on organization type


          Have you been attending so many interviews but finding it difficult to get placed in any of them? Then, go on to read some of the successful ways to prepare for an interview based on the leadership style of the organizations.


          Every organization has different working and leadership styles. Some organizations take the path of high risks and faster innovations while some organizations are comfortable sticking to their basics. The operating style of these organizations depends upon the work culture that has been nurtured over many years by their leadership.

          As a result, these organizations also look for resources that could adapt to their unique culture and leadership. During the last semester of graduation or just after it, a candidate usually has to attend so many interviews with different types of organizations. Preparing blindly for all the interviews, in the same way, will be a futile exercise.

          The interviewee should do research on the type of organizations and the type of leadership they have before starting the preparation for the interview. To know the type of the organization, one can analyze the following elements:

  1. How long has it been since the organization got established?
  2. How many times the organization has changed its top leadership in the last 10 years?
  3. What have been the responses of the organizations to a declining consumer base?
  4. Are the promotions given based on talent or seniority?
  5. Is it a company owned by a single person or a corporate organization with a board of directors?

          There are many more elements a student can consider to know more about the organization, but finding answers to the above questions will give almost a complete picture of the organization.

          Based on the below types, the ways of preparing for the interview also differs.

Democratic organizations

          These are the organizations with the motto “people first”. People’s opinion and safety are given utmost importance and the decision making depends more on the views of the ground-level workers


  1. Frequently encourage the fellow candidates to speak in the group discussion event
  2. The questions in the personality profiling test will be more inclined towards testing your democratic and humble behavior
  3. The least importance is given to the results of your written aptitude and technical tests. They will be just used as a tool for shortlisting and their importance ends there itself
  4. The cut-off marks for shortlisting the candidates for the first round of interview will be lesser than other types of organizations as they want to give chance to more people
  5. Equal importance is given to your performance in academics and your behavior. Emotional intelligence acts as an important enabler for your selection

Autocratic organizations

          These are the organizations that are defined by the tagline “leader is everything”. The leader or owner is the thread that keeps the entire organization intact. The preparation for interviews for these kinds of organizations is almost opposite to that of democratic organizations. They do not bother about the views of the employees in decision-making.


  1. Don’t try to argue with the interviewer. If they call a spade a sword, let it be.
  2. The recruitment program of these organizations usually do not have group discussion events
  3. They are least bothered about your creativity quotient. They look at how good you are at obeying orders and conforming to the rules
  4. Discipline and obedience are given more importance than result-oriented working
  5. The questions in the technical round will be confined to only the required knowledge for the role

Transformational organizations

          These kinds of organizations prefer breakthroughs to routine performance. Nothing is important to them than the performance. Their responses to the changing market dynamics are usually very aggressive.


  1. The cut off marks for the initial shortlisting of candidates for the first round will be very low as they do not believe much in your academic performance
  2. You can expect both aptitude and technical written tests to happen
  3. Group discussion need not be democratic. As long as you convince others of your view and get results, they will not be so bothered about your aggressive attitude
  4. All the tests organized are focused on testing your creativity levels and the capability to achieve results
  5. Effective team working, meeting deadlines are the common skills expected from you. Apart from these some exceptional skills like leading diversified teams, critical thinking during the crisis are also can be selection criteria


          Preparing for an interview does not mean taking all your books out of the rack and reading them without any clear planning. It is more of matching your skillset with the requirements of the organization that is looking to recruit you. Almost every student will have all the required skill sets as they were taught by the same curriculum. The talent lies in knowing which skill needs to be brought out at what time. If you want to know how to develop this skill, write to us at We will contact you immediately

Written by: Mokkapati K S Sarath Chandra, Digital Writopreneur and Content Writer

Edited by: Rajinder Soni, Writopreneurs’ Coach and CEO

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5 Effective Ways to Reprogram your Subconscious Mind for Success and Happiness


Meta Description:

Do you lack the confidence and energy to create a better version of yourself? Learn to train your subconscious mind to pursue success, happiness, and peace.



Since the beginning of the modern era, many great philosophers have proclaimed that our realities mirror whatever we obsessively think about. Many successful people have utilized the power of the subconscious mind to achieve their goals. Earl Nightingale, an American author and radio speaker, has recognized this theory as a natural law in his “The Strangest Secret”, a spoken word record released in 1956.

Then why are there fewer successful people as compared to ones who struggle to make their ends meet? What is still keeping so many people from achieving their ideal and living a life of fulfilment? This is because if positive thoughts can change our life for the better, the converse is also true. But sadly, in present times the common man lives in a vortex of negativity and lacks practical tools to drag themselves out of the pandemonium of fear, loss and confusion. It can be extremely challenging to nurture a positive outlook on life and be consistently motivated to work towards their goals. To such people, the possibility of waking up every morning with excitement may even seem absurd.

How do we change that? It is not a one-day effort to change a person’s perspective towards life. Here in this article, I will discuss effortless regimens to train convert your subconscious mind into an abundance magnet and achieve your goals.


  1. Transform your worst chores into detox rituals

Being a parent can be challenging but the worst job of being a cat parent is cleaning their litter box daily. It’s a delicate job that requires you to be patient while handling putrid feline faeces. At first, I would feel annoyed to do this task and thus, decided to find a way to get through it every day without being frustrated. Every time I weed out my cat’s waste from the litter mix, I visualize myself removing all the problems and resistances from my own life. This assists me in purging out negative emotions like anger, scarcity, and hopelessness from my system and allows me to make space for brighter sentiments. You can also pick any, and as many of your mundane tasks and turn them into genius exercises to fix your attitude. This way you will begin to emulate and hence manifest a cheerful way of being.


  1. Count your blessings and practice gratitude

Look for something in your surrounding that you had dearly prayed for at one time. It could be a thing like a dress, a gadget, or it could be a living soul such as a family member, your pet, even your plants! It could be anything that you had once desired and has materialized in your reality. Once you have identified your wish-come-true, take a moment to meditate on when you had prayed for it and how it eventually became a part of your life. I guarantee that if you make a list of such wonders in your life it will only grow longer and quicker with time. Appreciating your present resources will improve your mental and physical health. Practising gratitude regularly will rewire your brain, and your perspective about yourself and the people around you will change.


  1. Make a habit to celebrate your happy thoughts

Our brains, much like popups in our browser, will randomly bring to our attention a memory or idea that momentarily puts a smile on our face. Most people will ignore this neural activity as a fleeting thought and simply get on with their day. But now that you are aware of the power of thought, utilize every such opportunity to appreciate your psyche for cheering you up. Each time a joyful thought visits your awareness physically smile to acknowledge it. This will encourage your brain to repeat this behaviour and thus have more occasions to synthesize natural neurochemicals that induce a state of bliss.


  1. Dedicate only five minutes to journaling

Take a notebook of your choice and use it as a confidential and safe space to express your intimate thoughts. You can start this practice by setting aside a short time to record your headspace. I would recommend you to do this either after you wake up or before you go to bed, as at these hours you are least likely to be influenced by external factors. Use this personal diary to: describe your mood, line up all the different trains of thoughts running wild in your head, or address yourself with words of encouragement and wisdom. Making conscious efforts to be consistent with your journaling will help you to build discipline. But the best part is, your entries over time will hold a testament to how far you have progressed and motivate you to keep going.


  1. Set your personal mantra as your computer password

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned the importance of purposeful actions in reprogramming our minds. Since the age of the Vedas, mantras have been used by yogis as an aid in their journey of self-actualization. A mantra is a commonly repeated word (sound) or phrase. You can compose your mantra or use one of many available on the internet. To write your own mantra, complete the statement “I am . . .” with a word that reflects your ideal. Some examples could be: “I am confident”, “I am creative” or “I am enough”. When you are ready with your mantra set it as your password in a personal device that accepts text as an authorization key. Every time you log into your device, the action of typing in the phrase will imbibe its qualities within your subconsciousness. Voila!



It might not be possible to control all two thousand thoughts that an average human mind thinks in an hour. However, you can train your brain to see the good in every aspect of life. Consciously changing your actions to rewire your headspace will re-engineer your nervous system and re-connect you with your lifeforce. You will be able to develop new positive habits that will bring success and happiness to your life and to those who surround you.

All the techniques covered here are powerful if practised sincerely.

If you want a detailed explanation of any of them, or have any questions, do let me know in the comments below.

Also, everyone is welcome to share their mindset training methods and help fellow readers to heal themselves.


Written By: Meghma Hira, Healer and Digital Writopreneur




#mindsetraining #positiveattitude #subconsciousreprogramming #meghmahira #digitalwritopreneurs #rajindersoni

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MLSDev – software development company. MLSDev is an international software development company providing full-cycle services for mobile apps, web development, design and UX/UI, big data, blockchain, and custom software development. Our team of experienced developers, designers, project managers, quality assurance experts, and business analysts are passionate about creating innovative digital solutions that provide value to our clients. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and provide tailored solutions that help them achieve their goals and objectives. Our services are designed to take the complexity out of the development process and ensure that our clients receive the highest quality product.
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