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All articles based on the travel niche will be published here !!!

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Top 4 options and tips to find alternative income sources for passionate travellers to decide on quitting their corporate life

Did you ever feel a compelling urge to quit your regular corporate life to become an all-time traveller? Well, there is no need to get worried about your next paycheck to pay your bills. Mentioned here are some amazing and simple tips to explore alternatives to stop worrying about the next earning source

Well, life is all about recognising and living life to the fullest. If you have always ignored your passion for something just because of some major reasons such as your job or your family responsibilities, you must’ve realised that there was something missing that failed to nourish you mentally. No wonder, your job gave you all the desired luxuries of life and all material aspects of living a royal life. Alas! All the luxury of life, in the end, failed to give the required quality to make it a fulfilling one. Nevertheless, it is time to know the possibility of quitting your regular job and find some lucrative earning sources.


1. Freelancing-
Though freelancing doesn’t assure a steady fixed income similar to your regular paycheck, it is something beyond all this. Freelancing offers you complete freedom to be in any corner of the world and still work and earn an income that may go well beyond your previous corporate income. If you are skilled enough, which we all are, you can find various freelancing websites offering certain tasks. The simplest thing required is to create an account, scan through different task lists and select the one that fits your skills and experience. Websites such as,,,, etc. offer freelance jobs.

Firstly, understand that it is obvious to feel anxious when starting with some uncertainties in mind. However, it is important to also know that you need to forget everything about the ‘what, how, when’ about the earning amount and just focus only on the task of understanding this field, become a master of it, introspect upon your existing skills and upskill if required depending upon the market trend. That’s it!


2. Online Tutoring-
If you were working in the corporate field, we can assume that you are obviously a school and college passed out student. If this is true, the next presumption is that you definitely might have had a favourite subject during your academic years which you were a master of. What we are trying to imply here is that you can very well be a teacher of this/these subjects and start your own online coaching center. This provides you the flexibility of location without having to invest in a physical classroom. Now, you have a wonderful choice to either teach from the mountains or from your ever-shifting home while you travel.

Additionally, this need not be your only source of income as it doesn’t consume your entire day like your 9 to 6 job. This could be considered as one of your active income sources while you still have a good amount of time remaining to do other productive tasks such as your freelance work described above.


3. Content Writing/Blogging-
This is a truly interesting source of income and definitely not monotonous. Imagine yourself as a caged bird following the same old routine like a robot where you pick on the grains provided by your master, keep chirping, and walking in the limited space of your cage. In spite of possessing the beautiful wings to fly, you never got the opportunity to check its abilities. How could you, especially when the limited area of the cage made it impossible. Does this analogy resonate with you? Try to remember your corporate life within four walls of monotonously doing the same work assigned by your management or your boss with no freedom to innovate to the fullest. Coming back to the story of the bird, you’ll suddenly remember that you haven’t used your wings to their fullest capacity. If you just realised that, it is time for you to take action.

People start blogging for fun, as a hobby, and soon turns into an interesting passion. Since blogging is an informal way to access your creative side of writing, this becomes the first step for beginners. Once you start enjoying this side of writing, you can simultaneously start building upon your writing skills by upskilling into content writing. However, the amount that you get paid depends entirely upon the quality of your articles. There is no need to worry. Once you start connecting with a community of expert writers, there is no dearth of development in this field.

There are several courses offered online where you are made to take up writing assignments while learning. There is a wide scope of learning from your mistakes when your tutor or coach edits your articles and also explains the importance of writing quality articles. There are a wide variety of courses available online such as Udemy where you can take up self-paced courses along with your existing corporate job. In this way you prepare yourself to become a full-time freelance writer and blogger. One important thing to remember is that such self-paced courses with recorded videos do not give you direct access to the tutor for your queries and comes with limitations. In contrast, there are other best options such as joining live coaching sessions such as content writing course which offers you not only tips and tricks to write better but also offers personal hand holding right from the beginning. This course comes with several cash prizes for regular contests held every quarter and various levels of certifications. This platform brings you in close proximity with aspiring and expert writers who provide valuable insights, experiences, and continuous motivation to keep writing.


4. Other Earning Ideas of Active and Passive Income–
Starting your personal website and affiliate marketing are some amazing and simple ways to earn passive as well as active income without much daily work. Just the initial setup phase would require efforts to be actively available and once these are up and fully operational, you may take a partial backseat and focus on your other active income tasks. Again, there are several online courses such as Udemy, assisting you with step-by-step video tutorials on website creation, affiliate marketing through Google Adsense or YouTube, etc.


It is rightly said results are after effects of actions. If this is true then “now” is the only appropriate time to act upon your passion to become an intense traveller while deciding to quit your regular corporate life. If the above ideas have provided enough insight on how you could generate various and multiple sources of active and passive income, by now it’s time to test the ability of your wings and fly high. So, don’t wait, just act and take the decision right now. Time and tide wait for no man!


Written by: Rekha Kamath, traveller, author, personality development

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Dehradun, Capital of Uttarakhand, this beautiful valley surrounded by Himalayan mountains is must visit place in India. If you are an adventurer or nature lover by heart, who loves the entire day to be quiet? If you are wondering what to explore in Dehradun? Then this article is just for you to discover more about Dehradun. If you have visited before you can connect through this article easily, but if not, then it might persuade you to pack your bags and hitting the road.

Amidst Covid, I and my family thought over why give rental when we have a home back in Dehradun? This question popped into our mind if we have to work from home why sit here alone in lockdown and face all the anxiety spread by this pandemic. Thus, we got shifted to Dehradun from Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. These days cities are overcrowded with people, societies and apartments. Therefore, living there feels like breathing in a box with pigeons and chaos.

Dehradun also called a Doon valley, generally, has the most pleasant weather throughout the year. It is quite famous among retired people to settle down for their late and peaceful years. By the time summer approached in Dehradun and in June the first unlock happened. The cases in Dehradun were optimal. People were getting out with precautions. It was time to relive the memories of the places which we use to visit.


11 things-to-do in Dehradun that might thrill you are as follows:-


  1. Robber’s Cave is also known as Gucchupani


Robber’s Cave is located 8km from the clock tower. This 1800-year-old cave, it is said, was being used by robbers as a hideout from the British to keep valuable things. They used to pass this natural cave of 600 Mt surrounded by two hills, open from the top. The path is full of pebbles, uneven and slippery. You have to walk in 1 to 2 feet deep water level, so outside the cave, local people lent you slippers for going inside, so that your slipper does not go flowing! When you walk in, put your foot inside the cold water, after the initial chill, the water seems to be quite refreshing. Moving further, the path gets narrower till you reach a wide-open space with a waterfall. The entry and exit are the same for this cave. Likely, you can find a picnic spot or tea stall put by locals, where you can have refreshments.


  1. Khalsi is also known as Dak Pathar


It is famed for its one of the major rock edicts of The Emperor, Ashoka where his inscriptions are depicted. Khalsi is a small town in the Dehradun district, Uttarakhand. It is situated between the outskirts of Dehradun and Chakrata along the banks of the Yamuna river, Khalsi is a place where Yamuna and tons meet. Near to Khalsi, is Dakpathar, known for its lush green gardens and fields. Evenings are exotic at the time of sunset; it is like the sky is playing with colours.


  1. Maldevta


Maldevta falls under the Raipur region of Dehradun. It’s as beautiful as the scenery. The road to Maldevta is very beautiful. Imagine! The wind blowing, trees on both sides of the road swaying away and showing off their beauty! As you rest on big stones, to see the current flowing. It blooms your mind and heart with a positive and good feeling.  It’s a perfect place for catching up with friends while dipping your feet in the river son. Maldevta is a popular picnic spot for the family’s weekend getaway. Maldevta looks striking at the time of morning and evening, noon’s are comparatively hot. Doonites keep Maldevta cleaner and expect the same for outside travellers.


  1. Kimadi Village


The way to Kimadi might be of narrow roads and a tough cookie for bikers! But it is a worth visit place for adrenaline junkies. The path to Kimadi village is splendid. It is a lesser-known place till now, not explored by others yet. The village people have opened shops for people so that they can stopover for tea or Maggi. The sensation of that place is overwhelming. The complete blend of mountain and sky, life and friendship, travelling and love.


  1. Malsi deer park


A perfect day for day-out for one day is to visit Malsi Deer Park. It is located in the environs of Dehradun and falls on the way to Mussoorie. It is a zoological park, entailing many breeds of deer such as two-horned deer. Other than that, that they have peacocks, various birds, Neelgai called an Indian antelope. It is a complete package of nature and an excursion with kids and family.


  1. Shiv mandir


Shri Prakesheshwar Mahadev popularly recognized as, Shiv mandir is on the Mussoorie road, a temple where an offering of any kind is prohibited. This temple gives a breathtaking and panoramic view from the top and provides free tea and prasad. It is a worth-seeing temple for shiva lovers.


  1. Tapkeshwar Mandir


It is a famous temple of Dehradun situated at Garhi Cantt Road. Here, the Shiv Linga is originated naturally. A cave is there inside the temple and water droplets fell off a ceiling on the Shiv Linga. It is one of the marvels of Dehradun, and many people come and worship here. It is believed that Guru Dronacharya used to live in this cave.


  1. Sahastradhara


As the name sounds “thousand-fold spring” Dehradun is famous for its natural springs. It is also an eminent picnic spot among the locals to chill and get-together. Sahastradhara has an amazing fact that its water drips down by limestone salicylates. The falls have sulphur springs near to them which gather in the pool, it has medicinal properties, people from far come to take one dip to cures skin disease or ailments.


  1. Lachhi Wala


It takes 22 km to reach Lachhiwala from the main city. It is the famous picnic spot for the citizens where they take a dip in the Suswa River. People stay there for an elongated time and enjoy the most in summers. After that, there are many food junctions to fill your belly after enjoying the water. People have started calling it nature’s park as it is surrounded by Sal trees and monkeys can come from anywhere for the food, so be watchful!


  1. Long Drives in Dehradun


A long drive on Rajpur and Doonga road is quite popular. When something goes wrong, go for a drive till Maggi point, Garhi Cantt, Old Rajpur road. The drive on the road along with a tranquil view uplifts your temperament at once.


  1. Food of Dehradun


You cannot leave Dehradun without tasting the food. The bakeries of Dehradun are very popular because of their favourable weather to bake stuff. The rum cake of Ellora’s and Sunrise is very famous. The newly Bake Master’s is the new recommendation of the city. The street food is a must-try, especially Bindal’s bun Tikki, Tilak Road’s Katlambe chole, and Chetan’s kachori is the best. The buffet’s burger and coffee are at the Rajpur road, Gaylord’s cheese balls and ice-cream are must try which is located at Paltan bazaar– which is a shopping hub for locals and is busiest throughout the day. You can take back home Sunrise rusks for your biscotti’s. The Chakrata kidney beans also known as ‘Rajma’ in India are also famous for Doonites as they taste good, and are on the expensive side.


To sum up, Dehradun is surrounded by the giant Himalayas in the North, Shivalik hills in the South, River Ganga in the East, and River Yamuna in the West. You are getting everything for everyone here from a delish bakery to an incredible landscape all around. What else you can ask for? If you have ever been to Dehradun do share your experiences in the comment section below. 

 After spending one year in Dehradun, can you guess where am I next locating to? Taking all the memories from Dehradun to another city, as travel is all about living in present.


Written by- Mansi Arora

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Hey Mansi, I have heard and read a lot about Dehra as Ruskin Bond’s work is based out of this beautiful hill station.  Most of his stories are set up in this beautiful place. 

Sometime in the future, wish to visit his beautiful place with my family. Really nice enjoyable article.

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Yeah! he lives in Mussoorie, you never know, you can meet him and get his autograph when you visit next.  

Thank you 😊 for the feedback! @sowspeaks

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5 Inspiring Ideas for Travellers to Write Travelogues

Summary/metadata: Do you love travelling and planning to become a professional travel writer? Which micro-niche in travel would you like to select for writing appealing travelogues? Do you want to build more confidence in your writing ability? If you are looking for an answer to all these questions, read this article until the end. I have suggested 5 inspiring ideas to help you write effective travelogues. 


Everybody likes to travel to get a break from their stressful life. Travelling is an exciting experience that creates lots of memories. We want to keep these memories fresh but tend to forget them. These days many people are posting travel experiences on social media by sharing photos of exotic food, magnificent landscapes, and picturesque beaches.

As a travel writer, you can write travel articles, travel journals, trip reports, tourist guides, or travelogues to remember the things that happened on the trips. Pen down your observations and experiences and cherish your trip memories forever. For creating an interesting travelogue, you don’t have to travel far, rather you have to observe everything as a traveller and enjoy every moment of your trip as a writer. In this article, I have talked about 5 inspiring ideas on how to write powerful travelogues.

Step #1: Select a well-researched place

Before you travel, follow a line of investigation about your preferred destination. The place you are choosing may be in a different time zone, where the time may be ahead or lagging by hours. The beauty of day and night may be different. Note down the places of attraction, restaurants, accommodation available, price, and essential things to be packed for the travel.

Prepare a checklist that includes food, preferred season to visit, upcoming events, contact numbers (hotels, homestays, and guides), transportation, climate, and seasonal events of the destination that you are travelling to. If you want to enhance your travel experience for big cities, you can attend festivals, events, concerts, and exhibitions, as they add great value to your travelogues. This pre-research helps carry out your writing activities smoothly.

Step #2: Communicate well with guides and local people

It is important to capture the essence of a place and share the experience with your readers. Some places are mysterious and have several untold stories. Unravel the hidden truths and secrets of these places and create interest among the readers. One of the best ways to know more about the history and culture of the place is to communicate with the locals, guides, and tour reviews provided by other tourists. Each moment is an opportunity to find something fascinating about the place. Explore the place on your own and build a reliable picture in your travelogue.

Step #3: Acquire excellent writing skills

Being a travel niche writer, you must describe the places vividly, so the readers find interest in visiting the places. Tell about the place using appropriate words. Remember proper writing skills, style, and tone will help readers visualize the magnificence of the place.

It is imperative to possess a sound knowledge of grammar. A powerful travelogue should contain catchy headlines; interesting subtitles; accurate, vibrant, engaging, and specific content. Use grammar checking tools, proofread your articles, and take tips and advice from editors and online communities to improvise your write-up. It is one of the best practices to refer to other articles, websites, and travel books to make your writing more interesting.

Step #4: Choose your micro-niche in travel

As a travel niche writer, you can write about all the aspects of your travel. But, it is better to narrow down your focus and concentrate only on micro-niche. It includes topics, such as the culture or custom of a place, the lifestyle of the people, and types of food available. Selecting a particular niche makes the travelogue more appealing to the readers, helps you stay focused on the topic by avoiding confusion while writing, and keeps your readers on track. It is better to develop your writing style and technique to leave an everlasting impression on the minds of your readers.

Step #5: Give confidence to your readers

The travelogue must encourage the readers to travel to the place. You should not hesitate to let your readers know the disadvantages of the destination. People will gain the confidence to travel to a place only when they have the details related to safety, hygiene, food availability, accommodation facilities, and means of commuting. So, you must cover all these aspects in your travelogue.


In this article, I have provided some powerful ideas for travellers to write impactful travelogues. Follow these steps to create gripping travelogues. The readers will also find your articles helpful, and you, in turn, will have a permanent circle of followers. If you still have any queries related to writing travelogues, you can ask in the Comment section (below) and get my insight.

Written by: Vidyashree PN, Content Writer

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Vidyashree PN

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Our lives have gone all topsy-turvy amidst the covid-19 pandemics and everything was unlocking steadily.  Are you thinking of taking an escape from all this chaos and chill somewhere in a boom town with cocktails? Do you like taking a walk on the beach, collecting shells, and vacay in coco huts? Do you like being a thalassophile (ocean lover) and trying out all the adventurous activities? If the answers to the above questions are yes, then you have landed in the right place. Goa offers everything that most beach lovers desire.

Dear globetrotters! This is an article you will all fall in love with while reading. Goa is considered to be the tropical and coolest state of India. My family and I decided to chill and unwind ourselves in Goa. You cannot have satisfaction with only one visit and you won’t believe the craziness we have for this place that we visited Goa twice a year: October and December. We stayed in “Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, which is by far the best recommendation when it comes to  Portuguese architecture and feel of the property.

From June to October, Goa sees its rainy season. You can witness rains anytime during the day as the weather in October is very pleasant but humid. After reaching and resting for one day, the very next day we went to re-explore our favourite places. Covering the whole north of Goa was our motto. History of forts can be seen at Fort Aguada and Fort Chapora, the vibrancy of Baga, Calangute beaches are popular among the youth. Those who love to be in solitude enjoy scenic views of the pristine beaches such as Ashwem and Arambol that are quite popular among hippies and backpackers!

Visiting at the time of monsoon in Goa had various advantages as this place was on the verge of unlock-2.0.  The hotels were offering very low prices, there were lesser crowds, greenery everywhere, breathtaking views, dark clouds all over the beach. Watching heavy rains by the balcony was an amazing experience which helped us in getting to know the problems faced by the locals in Goa.

The north part of Goa is full of pomp and show, disc and shacks, cafés and restaurants, lights and music. The beaches that I would recommend for a visit would be Sinquerim, Candolim, Vagator, Morjim, and Anjuna. Here, the food is delectable and yummy. It is known for its spicy curries and fresh seafood. Try the amazing food served by Thalassa, St. Anthony’s and Britto’s, Fisherman’s Cove, and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Trip to Goa is incomplete without exploring central Goa and Panjim now called Panaji. The old churches hold the history of Goa and some of them are UNESCO heritage sites. Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral is regal and magnificent. Our  Lady of the Immaculate Conception  Church, this whitewashed baroque style church is the most popular and photographed landmark in Panjim. Also, do not forget to bring yourself back lots of cashews packets.

You cannot go back from Goa without trying your luck playing at the casino, though gambling is illegal in most of the states of India, Goa is an exception when it comes to liquor and gambling! The floating casinos such as Deltin Royale, Deltin JAQK, and Casino Pride at the Mandovi river are the popular ones. You can go river cruising also in the Mandovi river by taking a jetty and enjoy the panoramic views.

Panjim has got only one beach to see which is Miramar beach quite the busiest one, where only locals come to hang out. Dona Paula is also famous for its sunsets and where the shooting of the “Singham” movie has been done.

The spice plantation in Ponda! Sahakari Spice Farm, A 60-acre plantation, welcomes you with lemongrass, elaichi (cardamom), and ginger tea before the local staff take you on a tour of their plantation. They show you plants and trees of all the spices. At the end of the tour, they ask everyone to turn back and put water saying you take good memories from here. They provide lunch also which is included in the tour, also you can buy spices and take fenny shots. This was all for the October vacation in  Goa.

After some time, we came to Goa in December at the time of Christmas and New year. We packed ourselves with all the summer stuff as we were heading from Dehradun’s chilly winters to face the scorching heat of Goa. Do not forget! Travelling now includes keeping extra disinfectants, gloves, sanitisers,  taking all the safety precautions, and maintaining social distance.

This time our motto was to cover the South of Goa. Goa is a fascinating place because of its Portuguese architecture;  hotels and houses give us a glimpse and scent of that architecture. It is also famous for its blissful white sand beaches such as Palolem and Agonda that are secluded, serene, and low throughout the year. People who like a peaceful and silent environment would love to leisure around in South Goa. Mobor, Majorda, Betalbatim, Benaulim, Varca, Cavelossim, Utorda are considered to be better, cleaner, and give a laid back feel.


To sum up, Goa is a never-ending expedition for some and it is a one-time city for others. Travelling should be slower but longer. There’s always a place left out or things which we could not do, for instance, Dudhsagar Falls, parasailing, and kayaking. Goa has been an enchanting attraction for me and my family. I will always remember Goa for its scenic views, green paddy fields, typical Goan houses, swaying palm trees, wine, sunsets, and lots of memories. If you have ever been to Goa, do share your experiences and explorations in the comment section below.

Last but not the least, Our destiny holds something for us which we were not aware of. It was knocking on our door as an opportunity. As work from home is still going on and the offices are still closed. So, why give rentals when you have an alternative for accommodation. Would you like to guess where am I residing currently? And also, How am I adjusting to my new place?

Written By- Mansi Arora

Edited By- Risha Khan 

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If we get bored with mundane home routines, we travel.  If there is a destination wedding out of the city, we travel. If we shift to another country, we travel.  If we are going for a job outing, we travel. Travelling is common for everyone; escapade reasons may be different. People who love journeying a lot always look for low-budget travel. Do you want to know the same? Dear travellers, this article is just written for you.

Besides, not everyone loves to spend lavishly on travel as elite-class people, whereas, middle-class families seek economical travel, further low-class families cannot even think about travelling by flights. So, if you are a regular traveller and want to save money while travelling. This article provides 14 money-saving tips for a safe journey.


First things first, you should save some amount of money for travel. Either maintain a piggy bank or a separate account for that. if I say, “for travel”, then I mean it, only for travel. You cannot use or spend that money on anything else. If you already know the dates of your travelling, track your expenses beforehand. Our elders always say, don’t be spendthrift. Stop overspending on unnecessary things, but only invest in the necessary things in your life. As we are living in the world of everything more, saving money for the most-awaited travel of yours in a year should be your priority. Also, keep extra cash in hand and put some amount in your bank account as well.


It may sound crazy and cheesy! The longer you stay the less it will cost. Prepare your travel budget by comparing and analyzing the dates of your train or flights and when do you want to visit the place and for how long? These days, everyone is following the mantra of escaping and locating to another city to burst the stress of Covid! Therefore, renting an apartment for more than a month is a recent trend, it’s like killing two birds with one stone, staying in a city that you love, and working at the same time.


Always carry reusable water bottles when you start your journey and refill them up when in need. Or else, bring your water bottle. In some places, generous people might fill your bottles as they treat tourists as their god! Because in India, we always serve water to the guest or the needy. And, the other thing which could be witnessed is at the airports, brands such as Starbucks and Cafe Coffee Day will fill up your bottle if you ask them. With this, our planet- mother earth and a lot of money could be saved.


Packing your food for the journey till you reach the destination can save you an ample amount of money. For example, when my family and I went on a Europe tour, our breakfast and dinner were included in the package. But, what about lunch and fillers that we need in between? For that, we packed our food which remained as it is because of the cold weather in Europe. Further, if you are staying longer you can rent an apartment and cook your food. In this way, you will eat less outside and it will cost you less on your wallet! Also, set the limit for drinking alcohol, which can cost you more money than your budget; try to avoid drinking!


Booking tickets for the night is quite comfortable, as you can go to the job in the daytime and do the last-minute packing by the evening. When the night is passed in travelling, you have the next day to explore the city. The fares for the tickets are also cheap at night.


We always get the opportunity to stay at the hotel and honestly, we all have that tendency to take all the minis of the room with us as we have paid so much for that. While going on a long journey by train, keeping handy mini soap, soap leaves, the dental kit, medical kit, self-care kit can save you a dime. Carry with you small sealed bottles for daily use products to save money, so that you don’t have to buy from the market.


If you don’t want to spend much on travel, do some research beforehand and it should be at your fingertips else save it on your mobile in notes. In this way, you can explore the place yourself without any tour guide. For example,  you can choose a destination where nature is at its best and free to watch! Such as, Goa, Shimla, Manali, Nainital, Rishikesh, Assam in India are for nature lovers. Try to wander around the city by walking and try to use less mode of transportation to save money.


Staying in luxurious properties can be pretty costly.  If you want to save a dime of yours on accommodation, choose a  simple hostel, homestay, family-run guesthouses, beach huts or campsites, a treehouse, or a bamboo hut which have basic amenities. It might not have a luxurious feel to it as exclusive properties provide. But altogether, it will be a diverse and amazing experience. Further, accommodation cost could also be saved by staying in outskirts of the city, that way it is far away from the chaos and much cheaper.


 Travelling with family and kids is an altogether different scenario. There is no other option than to choose a good hotel. Further, going for Airbnb these days is an awesome idea. But, if you are a solo traveller and that too bachelor or singleton, staying in hostels is a good option. You can also stay with locals for free by surfing on the internet for hospitality exchange networks which will save you a lot of money. If you are comfortable with sharing a home or room,  you can find a partner in a stranger for travelling.


If you are a passionate traveller forgetting everything and just moving on and on after some point in time, you need energy and for that food is essential. Always compare your prices of stay in a hotel, Airbnb, hostel, or homestay with food and without food. By having breakfast in the morning and packing something for lunch, you will save a lot of money.

  1. GO LOCAL!
  • Use Local  Transport– using local transport such as bikes and cycles on rent will be cheaper than hiring taxis. Travelling on buses and trains overnight has lesser prices.
  • Shop from Local  Areas– While shopping always talk to locals first and then bargain for the prices. The vendors of the shops near the popular and iconic attractions will lure new tourists and quote higher prices. People with no knowledge will pay higher than usual that will cost them a lot of pence. Always keep track of your spending habits, do not buy costly souvenirs because you are travelling light!
  • Try Eating with  Locals Never eat near the tourist attractions as they will cost you more.  Rather, try eating with locals, they are humble to give you free treat at their home. Take some vegetables with you when you visit their home so that they can cook for you directly. Hence, their budget also won’t get disturbed.

Sometimes we love to travel on a specific occasion like Christmas or Diwali time to our favourite place. Mainly people travel during the summer and winter break but it takes away a lot of our money. How? Because that’s the peak season when everyone vacays! Booking your travel before or after the peak season will be valuable.


When you choose a destination, joining Facebook groups will always be beneficial. The people who are running the group can give you the exact information.  They can share the real experiences will be able to tell you the do’s and don’ts, guide you to the must-visit places, and much more. Any information you want to know about your destination is already there, you just need to be social, friendly, and simply ask them. The pre-information from them can save a lot of money after reaching the place.


Always choose a destination where your currency is stronger than that city’s currency, moreover, the cost of living should be less. In addition to this, pick a destination where a tourist visa is not needed. Choose a budgeted airline,  research the best mode of transportation.  Sometimes the train can be the cheapest during the day or nights, and at times, the flights are cheaper.

To sum up, travelling is a great way to explore new destinations and cultures. But, if you have a budgeted trip, that would be an additional good thing. So, let me know in the comments below which point did you like the most and what mantra you follow to go on a planned trip to save cash?

Keep Travelling!

Keep Exploring!!

Keep Reading!!!

Written By-Mansi Arora

Edited By- Risha Khan

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 7 Wonderful Places to Visit in Munnar

 Are you looking for some beautiful destinations to visit in India? Are you planning for a short trip with your family to relax from your hectic schedule? Then, you came to the right place to check the various destinations located in Munnar, Kerala (God’s country).

To take an escape from the hectic schedule, home chores, we all need a getaway to a place where you can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Munnar is a place famous for spices, tea and homemade chocolates. In the spice garden, they teach how to add flavour to your tea. There are large factories of chocolates where they allow us to see the process of its making and allow us to taste as well. The folk dance of Kerala is Kathakali and it is mind-blowing. Their expressions of happiness, sadness, anger is amazing to see. The best time to visit Kerala is Monsoon and Winters 
There are some popular places to visit for the first time traveller in Kerala as mentioned below:

  1. Mattupetty Dam: It is located near Anamudi Peak which is at a distance of about 13 km from Munnar. This place is ideal for sightseeing as well as boating. This place is worth visiting if you visit Kerala, God’s country. The entry fee for the dam is just Rs. 10 per person and boating charges are Rs. 500 for 15 minutes. It is best to visit if you have a day time for this place. The timing for this dam is 9:30 am to 5:00 pm throughout the week.
  2. Echo Point: It is located at a height of 600 ft and a distance of 15 kilometres from Munnar. It is situated right in the lap of hills and lush green trees. This place is famous for its phenomenon of echoing. Echo point is a paradise for bird watchers. This place marks the confluence of the three mountain ranges Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. You will find the rare Neelkurinji flowers that bloom and enhance their beauty.
  3. Annamudi Peak: Anamudi is a peak is a famous tourist destination of Munnar. It is located in western ghats It is a beautiful place and good for trekking. The meaning of Anamudi is the Elephant head. This is the highest peak in South India. Overall, there is a wonderful view from the top due to lots of greenery. It’s a great place to spend a day with friends or family.
  4. Ripple waterfalls: It is a stunning waterfall at a distance of 19 kilometres from Munnar bus station. It is one of the splendid waterfalls in the Idukki district. It is situated at Sreenarayanapuram and is formed over the Muthirappuzhayar river. It is a wonderful place as you take down the stairs to reach down to the platform to see this, you might get some water sprinkles on yourself. It is an amazing place to visit during a jeep safari and detach yourself from the busy life and spend time with the untouched beauty of nature. When I visited there, I was amazed to see the lotus plants and capture every moment with those lotus plants. If you love the waterfalls then don’t forget to visit ripple waterfalls in Munnar. Even it gave us ripple effect when visited for the first time on the first day of our trip. But the only thing to remember is that no need to go to the main waterfall as there are huge holes in front of the water stream and they are very deep.  Entry timing for the waterfalls is 7 am to 5 pm and the ticket is just Rs.10 per person.
  1. Dreamland Adventure Park: This park is located in Munnar at an altitude of 6000 ft above sea level. This is a wonderful place to keep yourself relax and in an adventurous mood. This is a theme park for all ages. The ticket price is Rs.1000 per person and there are more than forty activities to participate in and enjoy to the fullest. To enjoy all the activities, you need one day. As the list of the activities is so long, like cable sling, cycling, camel ride, horse ride, 5D, 7D, 12D Cinema, Ropeway, shooting range, Water-roller, Trampoline, free fall, human washing machine, multi wine, ladder climbing, tyre walk, skywalk etc. all the activities are very exciting and it will boost your mind. The timing of this adventurous park is 9 am -6 pm.
  2. Attukad waterfalls: This waterfall is located 4 kilometres from the Paliivasal tea factory. It is beautiful to watch milky white colour water cascading from the top of the mountain. Attukad falls is at their best during monsoons. You can visit this place without any entry fees. You can just stop by, admire the falls and proceed to explore the amazing view directly from the bridge. There is a coffee shop near the bridge. You can get the spices also from there. Don’t try to enter the water because it is very deep and the rocks are very slippery.
  3. Rose garden: It is located at a height of 1000 metres and 6 kilometres from Munnar. It is home to most of the magnificent flowers of more than 100 varieties such as Dahlias, Rose, Chrysanthemums, Marigold, Kale, Lotus, shrubs, herbs and creeper plants. It is stretched over 2-acre land and is maintained by Kerala Forest Development Centre. Entry ticket per person is Rs.50 and Rs.500 for a professional camera. It opens all the days from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

 If you are a true lover of natural beauty then you will love Munnar and its beautiful tourist spots. In everyone life, there comes a time that you want a break from the job due to a hectic schedule, then pack up your bags and get ready for Munnar. Once you will feel the real beauty of nature, you will plan for the next time for sure and recommend others. Please share your experience if you went there or you are planning to go there. Maybe I missed some points about Munnar but I would love to hear from experience in the comment box.

Happy holidays!!!!

Happy Life!!!!

Written by: Ravinder Kaur, A homemaker turned Author and Digitalwritopreneur

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