Congratulations another member (Swati) joined: we have 93 digital writopreneurs in our team now

1. Get all four Digital Writopreneurs courses.

2. Get all communities’ membership.

3. Get inside all my future Mastermind sessions.

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93 members have already enrolled in Digital Writopreneurs Hub

5. Get free grammar sessions after one-time entry.

6. Get free editorial sessions after one-time entry. No hidden payments. Only learning and earning.

7. Get your first article edited by me personally if it does not pass the quality assessment process.

8. Get an Elite Writer tag after completing 30 articles on the revenue-sharing portal and an opportunity to start writing for and get paid for each article at 50 ppw separately. All other institutions outside will charge you only and will pay you nothing.

9. Learn to generate traffic from your articles.

10. Five income opportunities inside, writing contests to win cash prizes, surprise cash prizes, passive income stream, active income stream, upcoming pay per activity system on forums– only for inner circle members. Only for those who trust, learn and earn.

11. Create your writing empire and become a niche blogger and also receive long-term work and payments as a content writer (double benefit).

For more information, read here and enter as today is the last day to enroll at just 15000 INR. I will increase value after 9 pm today.

Whatever I say I do. I love to enrich my inner circle. When my inner circle is happy I also feel happy. It feels so good to distribute prizes and payments by doing inner circle writing contests and pay students for their achievements. Join us, get knowledge, training, fame and income.

Read the comment written by Joseph Sujai who won the 25-dollar cash prize in the comment writing contest
“Writing has always been my passion, and I have always dreamed of turning it into my career. But much to my dismay, I discovered that the writing market is heavily saturated, and finding a way to generate consistent revenues on the internet through writing is like entering an endless rabbit hole. So just when I was thinking of giving up on my writing ambition, I came across Mr. Rajinder Soni on Facebook. He was just the guardian angel I was looking for because we live in a time where the art of writing is taken for granted, and they treat writers with absolute disdain. The prices that most content writers are paid is not even peanuts — it’s just the kernel of peanuts. There is absolutely no dignity of labor for writing in this era of information abundance.” Read the winning comment here by scrolling down to the end of the post.

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Rajinder Soni, CEO

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