Day 7 – Episode 7: 10 Career Building Habits to Advance Your Career

Hello LinkedIn fellas, today we will talk about 10 powerful career-building habits that you can set for yourself. Once you will reach these goals, you will able to boost your career at a rapid pace.

1. The number 1 is to develop the habit of punctuality:
Punctuality shows that you value time — both yours and others.

2. The second habit is to keep your desk clean and uncluttered:
Learn to keep your work desk clean and uncluttered. This will make the atmosphere conducive to more work and increased productivity.

3. Successful people have a habit to learn a new skill:
So to advance further in your career, learn a new skill whether it is online or offline. It could be online marketing, digital writing, using new software, sales, and marketing, building confidence on camera, public speaking, connecting with clients, or learning to close a deal in your favor.

4. The next habit is to network with others to improve your performance:
Your network is your net worth. Networking or teamwork is vital to survive and thrive in today’s competitive world.

5. The fifth habit is to finish your work on time:
Finishing your work on time is very important. Everything has to go as per schedule, so lagging behind is not good.

6. The sixth habit is to improve your communication skills:
Communication is a very basic skill required in any organization, company, or office. Develop your communication skills to excel in your work.

7. The seventh tip is to help others to accomplish their tasks:
One sure way to excel in your career is to always seek to help others. It’s in helping others that you advance yourself.

8. The eighth best habit is to go one level up in the hierarchy:
Do not be satisfied with staying where you are for long. Take up the challenge to go to the next level on the basis of your work.

9. Teach a junior something new:
Take it as your responsibility to teach something new to your juniors. Teach them something that will help them to move forward in their career.

10. Manage conflicts effectively:
Finally, understand that conflicts are an essential part of life. It is not any different in the business and corporate world.

If you will master these 10 career-building habits, then you are well on your way to advance your career. If you found this episode to be beneficial, don’t forget to type “I liked today’s episode on career building” in the comments.

Bonus Point: As someone has rightly said that teamwork is dream work. When you work as a team there are several benefits.
·        You leverage the skills of others.
·        You get to benefit from others’ experiences.
·        You come up with a decent job.
·        When you are down, someone else will pick you up.
·        The synergy of the team is put to use for the common good.
All big corporations and companies know the power of teamwork. They encourage their workers or employees to work as a team. Are you ready to grow your network? If yes, type “I am 100 percent ready to build my professional network to build my career”.

Very appreciable. Worth a 10 million dollar course. The best godsend of your post is to deal with a solution, not a nuisance.

Plz, guide us on how to manage conflicts effectively in distressed situations despite lots of trouble.
Handful gets motivated and their game is over. But, it is the turning point of their career to excel in it.

There will be conflicts arising out of jealousy, personality, or sheer misunderstanding.

You must learn how to navigate conflicts successfully to move forward in your career.

Learn to do this peacefully and with a lot of patience.

So will you become a peacemaker at your workplace? If yes, type “Becoming a peacemaker is a great quality and I will try to make peace in times of conflict”.

And Saket Nirgun, I will definitely create a video and publish it on LinkedIn while answering your request, “How to Manage Conflicts Effectively in Distressed and Troubled Situations?” Thank you so much for this idea

Great tips in today’s episode! I found habit 3 about learning a new skill particularly valuable. Any recommendations for online platforms to learn new skills?

Hello 👋🤗 Vishwajit Gosavi . I am really glad 😊 that you asked this really important question. I will surely cover up your questions by creating my next episode.

10 Career-building habits are the habits of highly efficient people as well sirji.
Thank you sirji for this reminder post. 🙌😇
Morning 🌞 posts should be like this sirji when someone scrolls their phone 📱 even if they read cursorily they jump from their bed 🛌 to work on. 🤝👏👏😇😌

Yes Shubhra Sanag and one more thing. Teach someone a skill that you are good at.

Help another employee who is struggling with his work. Encourage and motivate a new worker with your words and support.

In this way, you will receive the blessing and goodwill of other people and it will help you in your career.

Will you help others? If yes, type, “I will help others as much as possible”.

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