Digital Writopreneurs 47th Mastermind: Recorded Session for Writers

  • Title is the most important part of your online articles or blogs so give it enough time. Do your research and do not create your titles in a hurry because this will have an overall impact on your article’s traffic and revenue in the long term.
  • Effective, trendy and attractive article titles bring a lot of traffic that converts into money.
  • Plan and write a rough title and also create a skeleton of your article when you are just starting your article. Refine and modify the title after writing the article completely.

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  • Create at least ten skeleton articles within 2 hours based on the ideas that you have in your mind.
  • Create a skeleton of each article. The word count should be at least 200 words for the skeleton:
  • Main title: ———
  • Summary: ———
  • Introduction: ——
  • Level headings: ——
  • Conclusion: ——
  • 6. Write small and simple sentences that are grammatically correct.
  • 7. Focus on writing whatever is correct as per authenticated online resources.
  • 8. Do not copy even a single sentence from other sources.
  • 9. If you have some sentences that seem to be copied and those are important then you should rephrase them to remove plagiarism.
  • 10. Before sending the articles for editing in live sessions, please watch the video tutorials where a multitude of recorded sessions have been already loaded for your help.
  • 11. Do not try to increase the word count by adding repetitive sentences.
  • 12. Boot camp requires you to write, publish and feature your first five articles. Please ensure that you do not include photographs until you have passed boot camp. You are always allowed to go back and edit your article anytime and/or add photographs, videos, maps, callouts, Amazon International links, etc.

Rajinder Soni, CEO

Digital Writopreneurs Hub


4 thoughts on “Digital Writopreneurs 47th Mastermind: Recorded Session for Writers”

    1. No Rema ji. You can take your time to write and publish five featured articles. This will help you pass the Digital Writopreneurs Bootcamp. Also, it will help you in connecting with your first paid client. I invite you back in the live sessions happening every alternate day.

  1. The mastermind sessions are full of value and the topics are practically relevant ones. Once we are attending the session, we are fully getting involved with the topic and are able to implement those guiding principles into action. Some of the teachings which are being described here are not available elsewhere. Some others are very costly outside and are theoretical and superficial. Here there is a feedback action on everything and quite faster too.

  2. Gopal Swaroop Anand

    Fifty years back what I studied is becoming fresh after repackaging in a simple yet effective and interesting meaningful mind exercises.For concentration and longer sessions on computer I suggest and propose to take up a short session on eye exercises along with heart 💓 strengthening exercises so that the grasping power will improve provided the majority and the mentor permits to do so.

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