What happens when writers sell their valuable intellectual property rights?

Are you a content writer, creative writer or blogger? You know most of the writers sell their intellectual property (IP) rights just for a few bucks but they do not know how to build a long-term business with their articles. Clients who buy the articles along with the IP rights host those articles on their popular websites and earn recurring commission from them. In this process, writers remain poor and keep on hunting for work whereas clients become richer and richer day by day.

Some clients even don’t pay anything to first-time writers and tell them that the articles they have written were just samples or trial articles whereas they use these articles in their e-mail campaigns or on their profit-making live sites. Is there a solution for this never-ending vicious cycle?

The good news is that there is no need to wait for clients to give you work when you can build your own writing system.

My name is Rajinder Soni and I am a writer and editor turned digital writopreneur. I started building my own writing empire out of scratch in 2007 and today I am owner of several one-time articles that are helping me earn thousands of dollars.

After writing and collaborating with several native English speakers since 2007, publishing 1000 long-form online articles and interacting with 700 Indian writers in 6 months, I have found the real difference that:

1. Most writers in India do not know about the topics to write (you cannot write on anything, some topics are just made for you but you don’t know how to start)
2. Do not know where to publish content (Google blogger and WordPress are free but 95% of the writers had “no conversions” as per my surveys conducted in live webinars)
3. Writers are not sure how to bring traffic to their websites to convert (traffic is everything as if you cannot generate traffic or get readers to your articles you cannot generate any money)

But all want to learn to:

1. Write instantly and start monthly conversions after writing 60 to 70 articles
2. Earn surprise cash bonuses and 225 dollars of cash prizes from my monthly writing contest. Yesterday I paid 100 dollars to Nitin for writing 30 articles in 30 days. This is the way I built my empire in the beginning. First I entered contests and earned prizes and then I started generating my regular payouts. I am using the same model to inspire my writer’s community.
2. Want to know about the low competition topics (very difficult to find).
3. Want to learn social media and content marketing strategies (unique ones that I use practically and implement in my live mastermind sessions).

If you are also stuck with the above questions and want to learn how to start writing one-time articles and build lifetime writing business, enter my live webinar training session through this link: watch 48-minute live webinar

Rajinder Soni, Founder of Digital Writopreneurs Ecosystem
E-mail: connectrajinder@gmail.com
Mobile number: 7291849502

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