How to learn and earn every month from Digital Writopreneurs Hub?

My name is Rajinder Soni and I am a writer and editor turned digital writopreneur. I have worked for several editorial organizations since past 19 years and I have resigned from my services as a copyediting manager recently. The reason is that I launched Digital Writopreneurs Hub in September 2019 to solve blogger’s and writer’s pain.

How this idea came to my mind?

Since I started writing online in 2007 and received my first paycheck (101 dollars) after a lot of struggle, I always wanted to help bloggers who try to create their own websites or blogs but fail to earn any substantial revenue. Also, I wanted to help content writers who write for clients but their money is forfeited. Many writers who are connected with me have complained that the client gives reasons beyond imagination to not pay. When this happens, the message is clear as is their intention that they do not want to pay or they want to pay less. Now when the intention is not clear then we cannot move further in any relationship as businesses run on trust. Am I right?

I received above recommendation from Prantika Samanta and she is a quality writer who writes really well on her trek & travel niche. I have paid her several cash prizes as she helps other writers in my community, writes long-form content up to 1500 words or longer and also adds a lot of comments below the write-ups of new writers to inspire and boost their morale.

So to help writers like you who want to create their writing empire just like me and others in my team and to help you simultaneously generate money every day from the write-ups, I have created this learning and earning system.

Read the details of my system very carefully:

  1. The writer watches this learn to write and earn video completely and after watching this video, the writer calls me at my number 7291849502.
  2. I share the details with the person regarding providing them training to write, edit, publish, promote and generate money.
  3. After the fees is paid, the writer is enrolled inside my learning and earning system for the next 15 years and is given links and coupon codes to all three courses bundled together (30 hours), is enrolled inside my telegram communities, mastermind sessions every Sunday with lifetime access and is also provided a link to the digital writing platform (without website hosting or domain purchase for the next 15 years).
As a writer, “you are at this moment, standing right in the middle of your own acres of diamonds”
Earl Nightingale

4. The writer watches the videos and starts writing on the digital revenue-sharing platform (start from 50 dollars and reach more than 2000 dollars in 4 years). After publishing the first article, Paypal and bank accounts are connected as per the modules loaded in the video training. The most important point here is that the articles remain the writer’s intellectual property and he or she has complete right to move the articles anywhere. The only condition is that the articles should be at least 800 words and should not be copied from anywhere.

5. When the writer completes first 5 featured articles, I pay 500 INR bonus. Mark my words here – this is an additional bonus to inspire and motivate. Regular payout is separate and it takes at least 3 months to generate your first payout with the telegram community.

6. When the writer completes first 20 featured articles, I pay 500 INR bonus again to help them write more because they should not stop.
Madhu Padala of DW Hub was paid 500 INR for completing 5 featured articles and passing bootcamp

7. When the writer completes 30 featured articles in 30 days, he/she becomes eligible for my writing contest where I pay prizes worth 225 dollars (converted to Indian rupees and paid instantly).

Many writers have been receiving regular prizes and payments from Digital Writopreneurs Hub
Important Announcement
Digital Writopreneurs (DW) Hub celebrates Nitin Khaire’s 30 articles in 30 days achievement.
The way Nitin has been writing and adding value is highly appreciated and DW Hub will keep on rewarding all the DW writers with name, fame and money.
As you all know Nitin has written more than 60 articles at our revenue sharing platform and he has qualified to write for, today I am going to pay him 550 INR for writing this supervaluable post in a couple of minutes.
I will make sure that Nitin is becoming famous through my WhatsApp status and campaigns (1000 writers connected), E-mail campaign (3000 entrepreneurs, writers and coaches), LinkedIn profile (3000 editors, writers, clients and CEOs), Facebook profile (3000 international writers, painters and digital coaches). This will spread the word that Nitin is a super quality writer and he will get work and appreciation from all corners of India and the world. All DW writers will receive a part of Rajinder Soni’s fame from Google and will start receiving authority. Type my name “Rajinder Soni” in Google search and below the search you will be able to see links to only my social media channels and no one else. Now click on images and you will find only my photographs on the top. This is called google authority that I have created after 12 years of hard work. Now the time has come to give exposure to all new writers to make them quickly famous.
1. If you have still not joined us and only watched model course videos, please talk with me today at 7291849502 for joining formalities.
2. If you have already joined and paid and received all courses, please start watching videos and start writing and publishing.
Check out Nitin’s latest post at
Now here is Nitin’s valuable article👇👇👇👇😊😊🙌🙌…/
Rajinder Soni, CEO
Digital Writopreneurs Hub
Get paid for your write-ups:
  1. Now after completion of 30 featured articles, the writer becomes eligible to write on
  2. Writing on is very easy as the topics mainly revolve around whatever the writer has learned in the last 30 days (writer’s goal setting, 30 articles in 30 days, how to rank in search engines, how to promote your articles in the social media, motivation, inspiration, writing consistently, etc.). The benefit for the writer is that now active income starts.
  3. After completion of 30 featured articles on the writing system and attending all my training sessions, the writer ensures delivery of quality write-ups to me.
  4. After evaluating the content, start paying writers at 50 ppw. Suppose if a writer sends me a 1000-word article, I pay 500 INR. So 500 x 30 days = 15000 INR per month. And it depends on the writer how much they want to write and get paid.
Screenshot of my WhatsApp writers and editors group. Join here:

Now to add more value in my A to Z system for writers, I have introduced another revenue stream where a writer can generate up to 20000 INR every month in addition to everything mentioned above. But writers who have joined me and have written at least one article are eligible for this revenue stream. If you have already joined and written one, call me at 7291849502.

Today is March 6, 2020 and I paid Nitin 550 rs for writing and sending me 1100-word article at a rate of 50 ppw. This is a daily affair. Write and earn — only for Indian writers — I will give you money, fame and your prestigious name and a lifetime opportunity to write for my website and get work from clients through regular exposure in the social media and search engines. My mission is to help Indian writers create multiple streams of income and so instead of hunting for various ways to generate money online and wasting your time here and there — take the best decision of our life where the mentor not only thinks about fulfilling his needs but also continuously thinks about his connections and helps them to generate money continuously.
Write to earn group:

Everything that I thought once has become a reality. Now I am proud to say that my learning and earning systems comprise 90 writers from different states of India. I am happy that I am able to build and sustain a writer’s ecosystem where I am able to pay them consistently. The writers join my ecosystem at one-time entry fees and get connected together to earn for lifetime. Other mentors create courses and sell but give nothing back in return to the writers. If you love my plan and the way I help writers please write a comment below this post. This is the complete story of Digital Writopreneurs Hub. If you are inspired to write and want to join us, give me a call. I am just a call away.

Rajinder Soni, CEO

Digital Writopreneurs Hub


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  1. Vijay Sidram Birajdar

    Good morning. Let’s keep up the good work going. I am a member of Digital Writopreneurs Community and I wish all the best to all my friends. Have a Happy Weekend. Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day. Rajinder sir pays a lot of prizes to his members and consistently takes care of them. I am happy to join this awesome community.

  2. Being a newcomer to the world of blogging and online writing, I am still in the middle of exploring the host of exciting opportunities opening up and trying to match them with my expectations and my own abilities to create original content to build a fruitful career.
    Working on my inner forces is equally confusing and extensive as the world of Internet. Mind boggling is the correct word to describe my situation. But getting connected with Mr. Rajinder Soni through the Internet is like following a lighthouse on a dark night in the sea.
    Listening to his free-of-cost webinars and reading his articles has cleared away many of my doubts and this article is a testimony to what I am saying.
    In simple forceful words, he offers to hold your hand and take you through this journey of becoming a successful online author. He knows the pitfalls and stumbling blocks too well and doesn’t want others to face what he has faced himself over the years.
    His genuine desire to help others is reflected in his tireless efforts to create a community of two lakh successful writers through his Digital Writopreneurs Hub. And the roadmap is clear in the above article where he has clearly outlined the steps involved. Anyone with a flair for writing with a burning desire to earn through the Internet will definitely succeed by following his system.
    As far as I am concerned, once I am 100% sure of my writing skills, I shall be joining him for sure and emerge as a successful writopreneur.

  3. At first, I was skeptical of this writers’ community. Like most of the writers out there, I had to think about a lot of things before deciding to join. But our mentor Rajinder sir made sure that I was given answers to all my doubts on this system straightforwardly. As a writer, we face lots of problems and severe circumstances, where we aren’t paid well, or not paid at all. Not only this, but many writers who tried their hands in blogging have also failed, including me. And with Digital Writopreneurs Hub, I can learn almost everything related to writing, editing, publishing, and promoting, in the easiest way possible. Here, you can participate in 30 days 30 article challenge, where you can grab your prize from a total of $225 per month, $100, $50, $25 and five $10 cash prizes directly paid into your account on the day the contest ends. Muralikrishna, Nitin, Prantika, Natasha, Nikhil Joshi, Mahesh Gaur and Madhu Padala have already won many cash prizes. There are many more opportunities to generate and earn money in this awesome community. It’s all because of our mentor Rajinder sir and his consistent motivation to make us grow in the writing industry. Thank you very much sir.

  4. The moment I saw Mr. Rajinder Soni’s magnanimous Holi offer, I grabbed it in an instant. He was offering his Rs. 2,999 worth — Digital Writopreneurs model course for free. Taking this course was the best decision I have made in the last five years. It still boggles my mind how he could offer this massive amount of value for free. But before I could review this course, let me tell you why I was interested to take up this course.

    Writing has always been my passion, and I have always dreamt of turning it into my career. But much to my dismay, I discovered that the writing market is heavily saturated, and finding a way to generate consistent revenues on the internet through writing is like entering an endless rabbit hole. So just when I was thinking of giving up on my writing ambition, I came across Mr. Rajinder Soni’s ad on Facebook. He was just the guardian angel I was looking for because we live in a time where the art of writing is taken for granted, and they treat writers with absolute disdain. The prices that most content writers are paid is not even peanuts — it’s just the kernel of peanuts. There is absolutely no dignity of labor for writing in this era of information abundance.

    This is where Mr. Rajinder Soni comes into the picture like a breath of fresh air. Being an accomplished writer himself, he’s determined to connect with 2 lakh writers in India, and he wants to go one step further by helping them reach multiple streams of income.

    Course Review

    In the initial module, we learn about Mr. Soni’s background, and the first thing that strikes you about him is his passion for writing and his love to help writers. Like most writers, Mr. Soni’s path started on difficult terrain, the writing bug struck him in 2005, and he initially struggled to make his efforts count. From losing money to scammers to getting caught in a never-ending online loop, he faced every obstacle that you could imagine. But he didn’t lose hope and remained steadfast in his commitment towards his goal. His constant unwavering efforts finally came to fruition when he joined a website that changed the game for him. Initially, his progress was gradual, he only made $3 in the first 3 months, but by the end of the 6th month, he had made $100 which injected renewed enthusiasm in him. This was the launchpad that eventually culminated in Digital Writepreneurs Hub.

    Mr. Rajinder Soni has already walked the tough path and found a way out. Through his platform, he wants to connect with other writers so that he can not only impart knowledge but also reveal the secrets he’s learned over the course of the last 15 years. We aspiring writers don’t have to reinvent the wheel, all we have to do is enroll in his advanced courses and he will hold our hands and show us the way.

    Most of us writers sell our articles permanently for a mere pittance, but through his advanced courses, he will teach us how to build an online system that will generate recurring commissions throughout our lifetime. In this course, you will learn the importance of acquiring a goal-setting mindset that is set and built on the foundation of positive thinking and law of attraction. You will learn how to create a personal goal card and how to use it effectively. One of the most interesting modules in the course is the one where he edits and proofreads articles line by line — this alone is a master class in itself. Throughout the module, he shows us the common mistakes that writers make — ranging from grammatical errors to sentence flow and readability errors. The last module is all about the basics of writing, editing, publishing, and promoting your article. You can make out that Mr. Rajinder is the real deal when you see the passion and intent oozing out of him in every frame. In every module, he extolls the virtues of writing original content devoid of any plagiarism which further establishes his credibility. He’s the encyclopedia of online writing. The language he uses is so simple and clear even a complete noob will be able to comprehend the essence of each module. The entire course is filled with golden nuggets that no one will share for free. To encourage his community of writers, he regularly gives them prizes of up to $100 for accomplishing targets. Besides, he regularly conducts contests with bonus prize money, and if that was not enough, he conducts regular free webinars for his members, too.

    In short, this course is the perfect preview and foundation for his advanced courses. We even get a glimpse of what we will learn in his advanced courses, and here’s a sneak peek:

    i) How to find trending topics?
    ii) How to find your niche and then narrow it down to a specific topic that will generate maximum revenues?
    iii) How to get Google Adsense approval?
    iv) How to generate organic traffic through social media?
    v) How to create SEO friendly articles?
    vi) How to find the right topic that will generate optimum traffic?
    vii) How to write and structure an article?
    viii) How to check for plagiarized content?
    ix) How to overcome writer’s block?
    x) How to earn through affiliate marketing?
    xi) How to protect your article through DMCA notifications?

    And much much more… As a writer, if you have ever wondered about these topics, then this is the platform for you. Writopreneurs troika of courses: a) Digital Writopreneurs’ Mastermind b) Digital Writopreneurs Setup Challenge c) Digital Writopreneurs New Writing System (Earn Money Quickly) — will lead you to the gateway of financial freedom that all writers aspire for. They often say that the “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. So what are you waiting for? Dive write (pun intended) into the courses and experience it for your self.

    Joseph Sujai K

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