How to Test Your Writing Skills?

Many writers can write articles, stories, non-fiction or fiction.  They have a passion for writing and work hard to get out their pieces of writing consistently.

However, there is one aspect of writing that writers normally don’t pay any attention to.

Can you guess what this crucial aspect is?

It is testing your writing skills.

Writing is one thing but testing your writing skills is another thing. Many writers think that they can write very good articles. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

They need to get their writing skills tested to know where they stand. There are many online and offline skills testing methods available these days.

Test your writing skills and become a quality writer

Your writing skills are tested based on the following lines:

1. The use of acceptable writing practices

These include the right spelling, grammatical propriety, syntax, right capitalization and appropriate punctuation.

2. The writer’s hold over written vocabulary

3. The clear and logical way of a writer to present his thoughts in writing

4. The use of a natural flow in the writing

You need to exercise your writing skills and work hard to become the best writer

The Writing Skills Assessment (WSA) score provides a quantitative measure of writers’ ability to think analytically and communicate ideas in writing.

Basically writing skills mean the writer is able to present his thoughts, opinions or stories in such a way that it captures the readers’ attention and benefits the readers immensely.

Here are some suggestions to help new writers to improve their writing skills:

1. Start somewhere and don’t wait for the perfect moment

This is not directly related to your writing skills but it is equally important.

Many potential writers wait and wait for the perfect moment to start writing. It is never going to come, believe me. 

That is because there is no such thing as a perfect moment. The perfect moment is when you start writing.

2. Pay attention to your grammar

It is very important to write grammatically correct sentences. This is one thing that will hold the reader’s attention.

It will surprise you to know how easily this turns the reader off when he notices a grammatical error.

If you have a few of these, you have lost your reader. So pay close attention to grammar when writing. Use Grammarly to check your writing.

3. Don’t forget to construct sentences properly and in a logical manner.

Another aspect of good writing skills is the correct construction of sentences.

The sentences must make sense and keep the reader’s attention.

They should not be very long and hard to understand.

Avoid using long-winded sentences and hard to understand vocabulary.

4. Spend a good amount of time writing a great title

A title is the first thing that a reader notices. That is why it should be catchy and attention grabbing.

It is a great title that will increase your click-through rate.

 5. Always have an outline before writing

To improve your writing skills, you must have the article outline. You must do this before you start writing the article.

The outline will give you an idea of what to write. It is like the structure of a building. Once the structure is ready, you have to fill it with the appropriate words. If you don’t have a basic structure, you will find it very difficult to write an article.

6. The important thing is to write regularly

Consistency is the key to improving your writing skills. Practice makes you perfect.

Don’t let a day go by without you practicing your writing skills. Keep on writing something big or small.

If you want to learn any trade, you have to keep doing it consistently. It is the same with writing.

The more you write, the more you will master the art.

It will fine-tune your skill and make you a better writer day by day.

7. After writing, read your article at least twice

Once you have written your article, that’s not enough. You will have to read it at least twice to make it better in terms of grammar and presentation.

It is good advice to come back to the article, not immediately, but after some time.  When your mind is fresh, it can read more objectively and it becomes easier to catch the errors.

8. Run your article through software to check grammar and sentences

Nowadays, we have the luxury of software that can point out our grammatical mistakes easily.

These software are based on artificial intelligence and prediction technology.

You can run your articles through one of these software and make the necessary corrections.

Even after doing this go through the article manually to recheck it.

9. Get an experienced writer/editor to comment on your article

There are many software in the market to improve your writing skills and articles. But they can never replace the human touch.

It is important to get an experienced writer or editor to go through your writing. Ask him or her to give their feedback and incorporate it into your article.

It is very helpful to have a writing coach or mentor to guide you in the initial stages of your writing journey.

It is like when you go on a tour in a foreign land, you don’t know the place but an expert guide has been there many times. He can easily and effortlessly maneuver you through the confusing roads and pathways.

The writing coach is an expert guide. He or she will guide you in the right way if you will follow his instructions carefully.

10. Enroll yourself in a course to learn better writing

The last advice I would like to give you is to enroll yourself in a writing course.

You have to invest in yourself to become a better writer. Don’t think of it as an expense but as an investment.

In the coming days and months, it will pay off and you will learn as well as earn.

Concluding remarks

So, friends, these are the different ways to test your writing skills.

These will help you to know where you stand as a writer and fine-tune your writing skills.

Written by: Nitin Khaire, Certified Life Fulfillment Coach and Certified Executive Coach

Edited by: Rajinder Soni, CEO, Digital Writopreneurs Hub

E-mail: connectrajinder@gmail.comContact: 7291849502

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  1. Neeli Phanendar

    Beautifully explained tips for budding writers, Nitinji!!!! It was by far the most in-depth study and presentation of pre-requisites, I have come across, for any potential writer who wants to be noticed. Kudos for your efforts sir!
    And Rajinderji!
    You possess an unparalleled skill of sharpness to find the most negligible grammatical mistakes, which essentially take away the sheen of a good idea. But while doing so, your focus on the subject line and theme doesn’t diminish a bit. And the uncanny agility with which you respond to your students and the candid way you present your views make you special and different. It’s our privilege to be under your eagle eye mentorship!!!!
    Thanks a lot sir!

  2. Thank you for sharing valuable pieces of information about writing. I keep these points in mind during writing. But I heard for auto-corrections software we need to pay. Is there any software with lifetime validity and under Rs. 6000-7000?

    1. Hey Vikram! Using Grammarly will definitely help you and you don’t have to spend 6 to 7 k for this. Grammarly’s free version also helps in auto correction. You can use that.

  3. Thanks Sir,for giving the valuable session to me and team is really awesome… Inspired and Motivated!

    1. Welcome back Supriyo. I want to see you in full action from now. If you are a believer and action taker you will find great results after joining our team.

  4. Neeli Phanendar

    40th mastermind Session was an inspiring and confidence-building one for me. It will make me more focused and feel relevant in the forum. In fact, this was my first mastermind session which I could attend fulltime. And now I realise how much did I lose in the past by missing on the previous ones. Looking forward for the next session eagerly!

    1. I hope you are healthy now and free of Covid. I also had Covid and quarantined myself for 14 days. Now I am fit and fine and working toward the development of forums and websites for helping experienced as well as aspiring writers. I invite you personally to get back in the system and join the group again. I have removed many inactive members but now they are all joining back and promising themselves to be active.

  5. Truptirekha Das Mahapatra

    Today’s 40th Mastermind session was really inspiring. It taught us a plethora of tricks to write continuously and effectively like goal card, two-month game plan, publishing article without bothering about unpublished articles in HubPages and many more. Thank you so much Rajinder sir to motivate us.

    1. Hey Trupti, if your baby has grown up then I would like to personally invite you back in the system and become active. The live sessions at 8 pm are running every alternate day so time to jump in.

  6. Muralikrishna

    Systematic approach always produces quality articles. Awareness of modern tools has added advantage for value addition and time saving. Thank for this reference article.

    1. Thanks for sharing your comment. It would be highly appreciated if you join us back from your busy schedule. Also I recently gave you a “Certificate of Recognition”. You can claim it from the ‘Viral Hubs’ group.

  7. The moment I joined the WhatsApp group of Digital Writopreneur’s Hub, I felt the positive vibes flowing around me. Rajinder Sir and the group members are very kind and helping. The points mentioned in this article are very basic things. I realized the mistakes I was making, everytime I started a new blog and ended up deleting it later. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    1. Welcome Risha. I understand many things as a mentor and I know about your circumstances but you must be strong enough to start writing again. I personally invite you to regular sessions once again because we are more focused now.

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