Ideas 💡 that Work Series Day 6 Episode 6: Write ✍️ Impactful Titles

Today, we will discuss the importance of writing ✍️ attention-grabbing titles.

When considering how to write an attention-grabbing title, it is important to keep in mind the importance of making a strong first impression.
The best way to grab the attention of readers is to write ✍️ a title with a combination of:

💫Power words — for example — awe-inspiring, extraordinary, etc.

💫Emotional words — huge, secret, premium, etc.

💫Common words — how, new, best, etc.

💫Uncommon words — enthral, sabotage, justifiably, etc.

❌Common Title: How to Land a Job through LinkedIn?

✅Impactful Title: 7 Awe-Inspiring Ways to Land the Best Job Through LinkedIn in 30 Days

❌Common Title: Best Street Food in India

✅Impactful Title: 7 Lip-Smacking Street Food Dishes in India You Cannot Miss Out On

🔑A good title should be clear, concise and engaging, providing readers with an immediate understanding of what they can expect from the content that follows.

💡One effective technique is to use strong language that emphasizes the benefits or solutions offered within the piece.

💡Another way to make your title stand out is to add a bit of humor, intrigue or curiosity to spark readers’ interest.

💡It’s also vital to ensure that your title accurately reflects the content of your article without being misleading.

By approaching your title creation process thoughtfully and deliberately, you can help ensure that potential readers take notice and choose to engage with your content over others in their search results or feeds.

P.S.: Additionally, there are more than 20 ways to write ✍️ titles and I will cover them in my future episodes.


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