Ideas That Work Series: Day 1 Episode 1: Understand Problems and Provide Solutions

let’s dive in and talk about something that is near and dear to my heart — understanding the problems of your customers or students and providing solutions.

As someone who has been in the coaching industry for more than 3 years now, I have seen my fair share of coaches struggle with this concept.

It’s not always easy to understand the needs of your customers and find innovative ways to solve their problems. But, with the right mindset and approach, it’s definitely achievable.

So, without further ado, here are my cringy tips for understanding the problems of your customers or students and providing solutions:

1. Put yourself in your students’ shoes: It’s important to empathize with your customers and understand their problems from their point of view. Think about their pain points and what they’re going through. It’s only then that you’ll be able to provide solutions that meet their needs.

2. Ask questions: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. For example, if you are a public speaking coach and you have already given them the training to become a public speaker and you want to give them additional training then launch a poll and ask them what else they want to learn from you, for example, you can focus on topics:

1. Regional accent neutralization, which is the most burning problem for people from rural parts of India who are settling in metro cities.
2. Voice modulation.
3. Any other problems that you think are customizable as per their individual needs and requirements.

Nowadays, people spend more time online than offline and look for solutions to their problems online. So it is the best time to turn your expertise into an online course that can help people solve their problems and at the same time generate revenue for you.

Now here is a poem for you to help you understand:

If you love what you do, what you do that you love
Then nothing is gonna come between you and your mission
But if you will keep on doing what you don’t want to do
You will remain an ordinary person and not become a legend

If you say you want to influence, always put your members first
If you say you want to sell, then always put value first
And then everything is gonna come to your feet
And through your coaching academy, you can celebrate an awesome treat

Vardhanapu Sudhakar 1st degree connection1stBusiness Idea Writing Coach | Impactful Writing is Important before Idea Execution | Transforming Business Ideas into Impactful Content Since 2010

All of us are looking for value, and solutions in the online world, especially when we want to get paid handsomely.

The idea to be in somebody’s shoes and ask questions will help us to provide laser focussed solutions. They will also help your customer to think and empower them. That is how one builds lasting relationships.

Accent neutralization may be important too, but if you can empower your customer, the accent is bound to be overlooked. But, in the long run, accent neutralization will also attract more customers and yes, retain them royally, and loyally

Thanks for the wonderful insights Sir Ji, for the
!D3@$ that W0¥|✓ series…Bring It On…Empowered🧘🏻🤗🪄🎀

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1. Community nurturing 🪴

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8. Webinar script writing

Monika Divekar Says: I totally agree with the need to understand the pain points of your customers and resolve them. What can you do to get customers to talk about their pain points?

First and foremost, you need to build a relationship of trust with your customers. This means being genuine, showing empathy, and making them feel heard.

People want to know that you care about their needs and are willing to help them overcome their challenges.

Secondly, ask open-ended questions.

Rather than asking simple yes or no questions, ask them to elaborate on their experience.

For example, instead of just asking “Do you want to pivot your career”, you should ask “What are your long-term career goals?” or “What are some personal challenges you would like to overcome?”

This allows you to gain insight into the client’s mindset and tailor your coaching approach to meet their unique needs.

Additionally, you can ask questions like “Have you worked with a career coach before?” or “What worked and didn’t work with your previous coach?” This will also help you gain a better understanding of the client’s preferences.

Mathangi Aiyyar says:

Thank you for the tips for understanding the problems of students and customers. These are very helpful for people wanting to start their coaching business or any other business. 😊

I agree with the point about Voice modulation and accent neutralization as I am also doing that as part of what I do.

My question is sir I have people asking me does accent neutralization mean forgetting our own language, our own mother tongue.

How do we answer such questions, sir?

You should type this as the answer: Accent neutralization is not about forgetting your mother tongue or your own language.

We are talking about conversing in English with an accent that a maximum number of people around the world can interpret or understand.

Let us take an example:
Suppose you are an employee who is working in a company in Chennai and your regional language is Punjabi.

If this is the case and your accent is not neutralized then your colleagues, seniors and even foreign clients will have great difficulty connecting with you.

Accent neutralization will bridge this gap and will help you connect with the stakeholders of your job in an efficient manner.

Accent neutralization never means that you have to forget your own regional language or mother tongue.

Now if you are someone who is not required to interact with people from different states of India or foreigners then you don’t need regional accent neutralization. I hope this answers your question.

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