Ideas That Work Series: Day 3 Episode 3: Establishing Google Authority of Businesses

Let us talk about — why it’s essential for businesses to have their brand famous on Google. What is the “Google My Name concept” and how is going to influence the minds of your customers to buy from you?

I started as a writer on Hubpages back in 2006 and since then I have written more than 840 long-form articles on Google for SEO brand creation. The articles range from 800 to 2500 words or more.

Approximately 500 articles have been written answering questions of various readers on Hubpages.

300 of them are on diseases and conditions and natural medicine.
I have earned from these articles via Google AdSense advertisements and selling eBay and Amazon products.

Some of my articles have been referenced in Google Books by various international authors. Go to Google Books search and type “soni2006 Hubpages”.

Now with the help of this authority on 1st September 2019, I launched Digital Writopreneurs Academy and started with just one writer today I have more than 1200 writers, coaches, and consultants across the globe.

Back in 2019, I started with a mission to train the writers and connected them with freelance clients but my vision was to make their personal brands so after their initial writing training they started asking me for public speaking sessions and then a burning need started popping up which was that “Rajinder sir if we can become popular on Google like you then clients from various countries will give us work”. Voila, this changed the complete game.

As I take all the new ideas from my members very seriously and execute them without any second thought so I started experimenting. I saw that writers were paid very low per gig or freelance assignment so I decided to start launching them on Google with video SEO.

I started pitching their services and making them individually popular on Google. This was a complete game changer for them so guys just go to Google and type:

Preeti Shah writer
Amit Masih writer
Nitin Khaire writer
Pramiti Digra writer
Risha Khan writer

And there are hundreds of them. I made them popular and famous.

PS: Tag a friend who is working hard to develop Google authority!

I’ll start:  Abdul Aziz

Check his profile! 😀

Let us follow him to help him grow his brand on LinkedIn and Google

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