Recording of Learn to Become a Digital Coach and Run Your Live Webinars

The world is changing and all business models are moving toward digital platforms. Now is the right time to step ahead and focus on becoming a digital coach and build your communities. Now as I am already a digital coach and I am training people how to start writing and earning online through my weekly mastermind sessions and practical guidance, you can watch my video and learn from me the following things:
Watch this video and learn how to become a digital coach

1. Benefits of Building your Digital Coaching Business
2. Number 1 Requirement to Build a Profitable Digital Coaching Business
3. Important Skills You Need to Develop to Become a Digital Coach
4. Elements of a Top Money-Making Digital Sales Funnel
5. What Systems You Need to Build Your Digital Coaching Business?
6. What to Expect on This Journey – Phases of Growth
7. Setbacks and Constraints
8. Purpose and Mission
9. Market Positioning
10. Mission Statement Clarity
11. Your Digital Business Designation
12. Mindset Planning and Goal Setting
13. Launch Your First Webinar With Me
14. Create Your Payment Pages With Me
15. Learn How to Motivate Leads

Enter your details in the comment box if you are interested in joining my training for coaches.

Instructions for registrants:
1. Connect at least 10 minutes before the training session
2. Be at a quiet place without distraction.
3. Use your ear phones or headphones for better quality.
4. Bring your business partners along with you and send them the registration link.
5. I will add a lot of value so missing any part will be your own loss.

Click on this link and watch on YouTube: Learn to become a digital influencer in 60 days

Rajinder Soni, Digital Coach

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