YouTube Recording: Let us write quality articles

I conducted and recorded my “36th Digital Writopreneurs Mastermind: Sentence Formation Problems”. Please write a comment below this post asking your doubts and I will answer them and you can also share your name and email to get inside my next live webinar session.

Instructions for writers who regularly join my webinars:

  1. Send your write-ups that require editing at
  2. Be at a quiet place without distraction.
  3. Bring your pen and notepad.
  4. Make it an interactive session.
  5. Help others in the community


Rajinder Soni, CEO

Digital Writopreneurs Hub


2 thoughts on “YouTube Recording: Let us write quality articles”

  1. I wanted to write something from a long time before .I have stories but I couldn’t understand how to pile up them .I personally feel that this platform may help my pen to take speed.

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