One of my pupils has mentioned me and my training program in her book!

🥳💎I am really honoured to share something special and close to my ❤️💫👇👇👇

As a trainer, nothing brings me greater joy than seeing my students succeed, and I am beyond excited to tell you all that poonam malik, one of my pupils, has mentioned me and my training program in her book!

I am so grateful to Poonam ji for giving me this amazing shoutout in her book.

It is truly humbling to see my work acknowledged and appreciated in such a meaningful way.

As a digital coach, my goal has always been to empower my students to reach their full potential, and this wonderful recognition from Poonam only serves to reinforce my commitment to this noble cause.

I am so incredibly proud of Poonam for her achievement in writing and publishing this book, and I know that she will continue to do amazing things in the future.

Reading her book and seeing my name there has been such a surreal and emotional experience – I cannot express how much it means to me.

P.S.: You can buy and read her book 👇. Here is the link to read the book by poonam malik


Indeed, I feel honored to be the subject of my mentor’s post. You have to experience this to know what I am feeling. Can’t express me in words, except saying heartfelt thanks to Rajinder Soni Sir.

My decision to join Digital Writopreneurs Academy 3 years ago proved to be a worthy one, making my dream to be a published author come true. Thank you once again, Sir.

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