Paid 458 INR to Nitin Khaire for writing 917 words (paid at the rate of 50 ppw)

Digital Writopreneurs Hub has paid 458 INR to Nitin Khaire for writing 1 article of 917 words. Also Nitin has won the 30 articles in 30 days and won 100 dollars which is approximately 7100 Indian rupees

Nitin’s first article published by me onΒ rajindersoni.comΒ and also edited by me (photo and caption added). Check it out


Have you ever wondered what are the proven habits of successful people that make them successful? Do you want to learn these habits and put them to work in your own life? Then keep reading this article. I want to reveal 10 such proven habits of successful people to you.


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Nitin says: Thank you Rajinder sir for the opportunity to write for you and your expert guidance. It is very invaluable.


Don’t forget my advice about quotes and never forget to add a unique story syncing with each of your articles. Your articles will be different from others.


Nitin says: Yes surely I will follow your advice as you are an experienced and professional copy editor. It’s good to have you as my writing mentor.


It is not only about copyediting. In future, I will give my special time to quality DW writers and will teach them how to sell products through their writing.

Congratulations Nitin 


I have transferred 458 rs to your bank account for writing 917 words and I have paid you at the rate of 50 paise per word. Add more value and I will increase your rate. I will only pay to those writers who have joined my training and have completed 30 featured articles — Nitin has written more than 50 articles already.
People who have trusted me and followed my advice will become digital leaders.

Nitin says: Thank you so much Rajinder. I really appreciate your efforts to not only guide writers but also to open up new revenue streams for them. You even pay personally from your own funds. That’s really such a wonderful thing.  Thanks 


More revenue means more money to my writer’s pocket. Will need help of SEO Rana too in this. Ranaji hope you are around.


Nitin says: That’s wonderful news sir. Writers connected with you are really blessed. 


I will keep on paying. Don’t worry. When we think good for others God ultimately opens several doors for us.
God just wants us to be unstoppable. He gives us several problems to make us win the race.
You may have seen in the race course — the horse that gets maximum whips wins the race. 


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