Six Ways to Create Catchy and Trendy Titles for Articles

Did you ever notice that many websites get tens of thousands of social media shares? You may have also wondered why so many YouTubers get several likes on their YouTube video whereas only a handful of people ever click to watch it? Have you ever thought what could be the reason for this? Before the Internet came into existence, we used to visit the libraries to research various topics and get proper information about world events. At that time, books, newspapers, and our grandparents were the primary and reliable sources for any information. But nowadays, in a flick of a second, you can get any information through the Internet. Users scan through the blog post only if they find something relevant and beneficial in the title. The Internet is full of tons of pages, articles, videos, websites, and notifications, and users entirely decide what to read or whether or not to click through your article only on the basis of your article’s title.  Your title is purely what sells your content.

The objective of Creating Trendy Titles

1. If you are writing for the online audience, the first and foremost purpose of creating trendy titles is to grab your follower’s attention from the social media channels and then search engines to bring a lot of traffic.

2. To grab the reader’s attention so that the person does not move to some other article.

3. The other motive could be to excite your audience to read your articles. Titles play a significant role in making your audience feel excited and delighted to read the article, only if the title is an extraordinary one.

4. You can easily bring the targeted audience to your article by adding keywords to your title. For example, you can write: “5 Must-Read Books to Overcome Depression”. This will surely bring such readers who are going through depression and want to overcome it.

5. You can create articles with a unique or trending title to grab social media attention. For example, you can write “7 Important Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Posting Videos on Social Media”. While 8 out of 10 readers will look at your post’s title and only 2 of them will actually watch or read your article, this just shows that your choice of title or headline determines if your content is going to be popular or not. As titles are considered to be the first thing that a reader notices, you need to grab the reader’s attention so that they are willing to read whatever you have written. So, your titles should be engaging, creative, and should be unique.

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Below you can find some strategies to write a trendy and catchy title:

1.   Use of Adjectives

As adjectives are descriptive words that attract the audience to come to your article and hence generate traffic, few examples of adjectives that you can use are:

1. How to clean really big and old antique items?

2. How to make delicious Dora cakes to make your kids happy?

3. 5 ways to make your employees obedient and polite?

2. Make a Habit of Writing Your Unique Ideas Whenever They Come to Your Mind

Whenever a distinctive or unique idea strikes your mind, make a habit of writing it somewhere. The reason is that ideas can come and go within a fraction of a second. After this, you can expand the idea into an article title and that title into a complete article.

3. Spend Ample Time in Researching the Title

Once you have decided the title, start researching the Internet to verify whether it can bring some audience to you or not. If your answer is positive then carry on. But if it is not, try researching the relevant keywords to find out what the readers are interested in. Google Trends is one of the best platforms to search for the trending keywords.

Your goal should be to bring the audience to your article as audience means traffic. Once your purpose is realized, your mind will work in a similar pattern to get new ideas.

You can compare your article’s title by researching and comparing your title with others on the Internet. For example, if your article is about a healthy and balanced diet, there are several ways to make your title attractive. Some variations are listed below:

– 6 Reasons to Have a Healthy and Balanced Diet

– 4 Simple Ingredients to Add to Your Diet to Make it Healthier – A Healthy 10-Minute Diet to Start Your Day

4. Use Numbers

If you have analyzed, almost every fifth article that you notice online has numbers in the titles. Why is it so? Because it actually works. Formulating your content into a list of steps, tricks or ways makes it easier to read and memorize. For example:

7 Most Haunted Places in the World

9 Effective Ways to Write a Book Review

5 Amazing Tips to Enhance your Personality

In the above-mentioned titles, you can see mostly odd numbers rather than the even ones. The most unusual fact is that we are better at remembering the lists with odd numbers. For this reason, most people use odd numbers in their titles as they manage to get 20% more traffic than with an even number of items.

5. Simplicity is The Key to Success

This is one of the golden rules that can be applied to almost everything. Your title should be very easy to understand and should be able to provide a clear view in terms of what the readers are going to read. If you are using humor, mockery or a trendy citation, it can prove to be a winning strategy, but there are chances that it can also mislead, confuse or merely not understood by the readers. And it can surely cost you not only traffic but will also hurt your overall credibility. So unless you know your audience exceptionally well, try to keep your title as simple as you can.

6. Use Catchy Keywords

Never be afraid to use catchy keywords to intensify and attract your audience. There are many keywords available online, which have been assessed and proven out to work. Your keywords should trigger the emotions and sentiments in the reader’s mind. It can be inspiration, curiosity, compassion or even anger. Some of the most prominent keywords that you can use are:


So above were six ways to create catchy and trendy titles for articles. If you will utilize these ways while writing your next draft then you can come up with a great title. The idea is to make the title effective to help you grab the reader’s attention at first glance and bring targeted long-term traffic to your articles.

Written by: Swati Khandelwal, Digital Writopreneur (Winner of Digital Writopreneurs Writing contest — screenshot attached)

Edited by: Rajinder Soni, Digital Writopreneurs Coach

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