Why Digital Teachers Should Be Good Writers: Any Comments

Digital teaching is in demand in recent times. Basically it simply means coaching online, but do you know a digital coach should always know how to write properly. Today we wrote a post on Facebook asking this question and will share the results in this article. But before going forward with all the answers, let us learn about the benefits of digital teaching:

Benefits of digital teaching

  1. The geographical freedom that digital teaching brings is tremendous. You can coach anyone miles away in another country in real time. And you do not even have to leave the comfort of your house to do so.
  2. You can reach many people at the same time thus giving you freedom of time. If you can coach 50 people at the same time instead of coaching them individually, you will save 49 hours right there.
  3. You get the benefit of using just the same amount of energy to coach 50 people, as it takes to coach 1 person. It is one of the wonders of digital teaching.
  4. Because of the geographical and time freedom, you can scale up your business real fast. This means that you can earn more following this business model.
  5. The sky is the limit literally. Many coaches are following this exact model now and earning huge amounts of money.
  6. The coaching in this model is done on the Internet and thus the sessions can be recorded and sold separately or given away for branding. The students can view the recordings and learn something at their own pace. Some students who may have other important engagements during the coaching session can watch it later.

Ekktha Raawal Digital medium these days is no longer a trend. It is the basic necessity today. Those who are into digital coaching or training should master the art of writing as a lot of written content is being produced and consumed online. People gain knowledge and make decisions based on that. Hence, it is important to be a good writer if you are in this business.✅

The comment has been taken from our Facebook post.

Digital coaching is a very systematic and organized way of teaching students. It is audio-visual as well and the learning can be retained. It is no wonder that more and more coaches are jumping on the digital bandwagon.

Natasha Tungare says “I feel if digital teachers themselves are good writers then only they can get the best out of their students. It is like if our professor himself/herself is not well versed with the subject they teach then how will they be able to deliver their skills to students. So if your digital teacher is not a good writer then how he will communicate in the emails”

We received this comment from Natasha Tungare, Digital Writopreneur on our Facebook post.

Having said that, there is a learning curve involved here for the coaches as well. They have to:

  1. Learn how to operate the systems and how to make good presentations that will be appealing to the students.
  2. Learn many communication skills for this to be successful.
  3. Learn how to conduct webinars.
  4. Learn to speak with confidence.
  5. Practice speaking in front of the camera.
  6. Learn to write in such a way that their students will find it useful and effective.

Because of the things that they have to learn, many digital coaches give up. Others cannot optimize their business because they cannot get around these things.

Are you one of those who have already quit? Are you among those who are not making as much money as you deserve and could make?

Well, if there is one thing you could learn about the business, you should learn the art of writing compelling words to influence your audience. Recently, I was in a webinar conducted by one of the topmost bloggers in India. He mentioned that he pays Rs. 200,000/- P.M.  to his copywriter. The reason he does it is that his copy or sales letter results in lots of sales of his digital products.

Yogesh Purohit Teachers will teach you the rules, the theory and the basics of the subject but a digital teacher should essentially be a good writer as well since when you are online you need to focus on the basics and deliver the message to your students so the digital teacher who is a good writer will be able to demonstrate you how to write clear, concise and crisp content for your audience.

The above quote has been taken from our Facebook post.

Now you can see the importance of writing effectively.

In this post, we will concentrate on how digital coaches should learn the art of writing powerful scripts, articles, copy and social media posts.

Here are a few things to help you to become good writers.

Write consistently:

  1. No one is born a writer. It is an art or craft that we all have to master.
  2. We all know that the best way to master anything is to keep doing it for a long time.
  3. There are no shortcuts or a magic wand that can turn you into an excellent writer suddenly.
  4. You will have to schedule time daily to write at least 500 words, to begin with. This can be increased to 1000 words later on.

Keep doing this for 21 days and it will become a habit.

Deepshikha Mohan Barthwal A teacher is the one who knows how to teach and a writer knows how to write. So a digital teacher is actually one of the best jobs to do because you get a chance to follow the teaching–learning process while following the latest trends in between the millennials.

The comment has been taken from our Facebook post.
  • It is the basic skill that helps leaders to communicate better.
  • They may want to create courses for their students and there again they will need good writing skills.
  • They will have to write posts on their website/blog and if they do not know how to write properly they will have to hire writers. This will add to the overall cost of their business.
  • They will be posting on social media regularly so good writing skills will help them create appealing posts.
  • Writing skills will be helpful while creating ads for your course or brand.
  • Writing will enhance your brand as well as your appeal and authority.

Read regularly:

  1. Yes, you read it correctly. Reading improves your writing. It adds to your vocabulary and that is how it improves your writing.
  2. It exposes you to different writing styles and genres. It expands your knowledge about writing.

Have a writing coach:

It is important to learn the art of writing from a writing coach. He is experienced in the art and so he can save a lot of time for you. He can guide you and support you in your writing journey.

Speak in English:

  1. If you are thinking about writing in English, talk in English most of the time.
  2. This will improve your writing skills. You will start thinking in English and it will affect your writing positively.

As a digital coach, you will have to build your own brand and writing skills are a big part of it. You will have to advertise on Google, Facebook or other platforms from time to time. For this, you will have to learn how to write effective ad copy that converts. Without writing skills, you would not be able to do that.

You will have to post on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. Without writing powerful grammatically correct sentences, your posts will not get noticed.

So to get good traffic to your social media posts or ad copy, you must write effectively and emotionally motivating words. Besides this, you will have to write blog posts on your blog regularly to reach more people. If you want people to visit your blogs, your writing must be attractive and add value to them.

Umesh Raval Of course, digital teachers should be good writers as nowadays, we convey our message through writing and we can share our knowledge through it. When it comes to writing online, we must have good writing skills with no grammatical mistakes.

The above comment has been taken from our Facebook post.

In this way, your website authority will go up and the search engines will reward you with organic traffic.

Writing is the basic skill that you have to learn to be effective in your coaching business. It is a powerful tool of the trade that you must master. All the successful coaches are very good at writing and speaking. You can develop these skills and make your brand famous.

DrViyatprajna Acharya Digital teachers must be good writers. In fact the witty ones thrive better. You need to be very creative and innovative as a digital teacher because you have to say a lot with minimum words.

1. Your thoughts should be clear.

2. Language should be precise.

3. Not burdened with jargon.

4. Connectivity should be there from slide to slide.

5. With innovation strong content is required, you can’t make fool of your students nowadays.

6. What’s new? You have to do enough research and put something extra for which you need to lucidify newer concepts in your language.

So basically a digital teacher has to put forth difficult concepts in a creative and interesting manner within a fixed timeframe while maintaining fluidity in the language. For all these, you need to be a good writer.

Comment has been taken from our Facebook post.

The more you will gain fame, the more your business will grow and the more your earnings will grow. I want to encourage you to work on your writing skills, hone those skills and it will help you to become a very successful digital coach.

Written by: Nitin Khaire, Certified Life Fulfillment Coach and Certified Executive Coach

Edited by: Rajinder Soni, Digital Writers Coach, Digital Writopreneurs Hub

E-mail: connectrajinder@gmail.com

Phone Contact: 7291849502

3 thoughts on “Why Digital Teachers Should Be Good Writers: Any Comments”

  1. Very informative article….reading is the first step for good writing….if one reads then only he/she can come with ideas for writing…

  2. Gopal Swaroop Anand

    Digital writing is a step towards keeping pace with the development of technology to make life simple yet meaningful.
    This reminds me of earlier days when writing was done on leaves and we have studied in schools where we learn writing on wooden flat called takhati using khadia and later ink both were washable and write again fresh.
    Then came the era of paper using wooden stick called kalam and liquid ink which evolved into writing with holder,pen using nib ‘ g’ type for English language writing.
    Then came the fountain pen of different varieties to write using liquid ink and finally entered the ball point pen.
    Till recently the ball point pen was not allowed to write cheques in the bank.
    Finally the digital way of writing and some of you in the present generation may not be aware of all this journey we have undergone to catch up with the upgradation of technology.
    I am GSANAND,age 70 and expressed what I have seen and experienced all through these 7 decades of life.

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