Your 10-Step Game Plan to Become a Successful Writer

There are many nuances to writing. Writing is a skill that requires hard work. You must have a game plan to succeed as a writer. In fact, you must have a game plan to succeed at anything in life. In this article, I want to encourage you to do 10 things to ensure that you become a consistent writer, producing good quality content.

1. Affirm to yourself that you are a writer

The right mindset is the foundational thing in order to be a good writer. This is absolutely the truth.

You need to be clear in your mind that you are a writer. You must see yourself as a writer in order to become one.

Earl Nightingale said in his message, “The Strangest Secret” that whatever a man thinks all day long so will he become.

If you think of yourself as a writer all day long, you will become a writer.

As a first step, you need to start visualizing yourself as a quality writer.

Close your eyes and see yourself writing, publishing, promoting, having your own copyright on articles, becoming famous as a recognized author, getting awards and accolades, respect from family, friends and relatives and finally teaching others how to write well. Even your kids will start liking you more once you do all this as they will have a link to your writing profile to show to their friends.

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Here is a list of quick actions to overcome procrastination as a writer:
1. Identify your behaviors and thoughts that always keep you far from doing necessary work and plan accordingly to control these behaviors and thoughts.
2. Go ahead and make a small list of necessary work you have to do.
3. Break up very complex tasks into manageable tasks.
4. Set realistic standards and goals that are attainable.
5. Create realistic time frames to prioritize writing tasks.
6. Make your work meaningful and find pleasure and value in completing it.
7. Remove the tasks from your list which you do not have any intention of doing.
8. Always remember to balance recreation, relaxation and work time.

2. Have a monthly content plan

I learned this from experienced writers. To be a consistent writer, having a monthly content plan is vital.

You must have the basic structure first and then you can build on it.

You can use applications to plan your content or just use a plain old diary or journal.

Write down all the topics that you want to write about in your journal.

At this point of time, don’t worry about how to write the whole article. You just need the topics now.

Later on it will become easy to write the articles because you are clear about the topic.

3. Set up daily and weekly goals

Once you have developed your monthly content plan, break it down into weekly and daily goals.

This is one of the secrets of writing consistently.

The big and mighty oceans are made up of tiny little drops of water. It is the same with writing. You can write throughout the year if you have daily plans.

So go ahead and write your weekly and daily plans.

4. Discipline yourself to write daily

Once the planning is done, it is time to take action.

If you keep on planning without executing your plans, nothing is going to happen.

You have to get down to writing. It is the hard part, agreed. But it is also the most necessary part.

You need to get out of your comfort zone and start writing.

Once you get in the flow, the words will just start pouring out.

It is just like talking, only it is talking with your mind.

Writing can be described as 20% inspiration and 80% perspiration.

Of course, with the passage of time, the process of writing will become easy.

But you have to work hard in the initial stages until it becomes a habit.

5. Note down content ideas as soon you get them

Ideas will keep coming to your mind all the time. But if you do not write them down somewhere, you will lose them.

Thus, it is important to note down these ideas in a journal or on applications like Evernote.

6. Create outlines and then write the actual article

Now that you have the topics ready in your planner, the next step is to create an outline.

If you want to write listicles, make a list of 7, 10, 15 or 21 points.

These numbers work very well to get traffic for some strange reason.

Odd numbers in the titles are very well received by the online audience.

After the outline is done, fill it out with good quality content that will add a lot of value to the readers. Write with the target audience in mind.

2020 Rajinder Soni
How writers can break their habit of procrastination?
Try this — little funny but helpful
It is dramatic but it works (not always…hehehe). You all should try who have still not started writing. Look toward the sky and say, “Hey Lord, why I am still unable to write when other writers in Digital Writopreneurs Hub are writing day and night and building their writing empire. Please guide me my Lord?” (and you must feel the anger of being punished by divine forces if you don’t start writing because you don’t bother about the value provided by your mentor).
After that, take a deep breath and say: “I accept my destiny but I want to push through and I want to become a successful writer”. Then breathe and the phrase will bring consolation to your mind and then you will find strength to do the impossible activities such as start writing daily, publishing consistently, watching videos in DW courses on a daily basis, consistently sharing writing ideas in the Digital Writopreneurs group, start writing 30 articles in 30 days in the writing contest and also generating money every month.
Isn’t this cool?

7. Keep honing your writing skills

Keep on writing and polishing your writing skills. Learn new words and improve your grammar.

Take some free or paid courses to improve your writing.

Ask questions to experienced writers and learn from them.

Never stop learning, no matter how much you know already.

The greatest writers are lifetime learners.

8. Network with other writers

You need to understand the power of networking with other writers.

This will expand your horizon and broaden your perspective.

You will learn and be able to add value to other budding writers as well.

When like-minded people come together, there is a dynamic that is released.

Writers motivate one another and challenge one another to do better.

You will get updates about the latest trends and news in the writing industry, as you connect with other writers.

You can build your own brand in the writing community.

You can get business in your niche through other writers.

You can see that there are multiple benefits of networking with other writers.

9. Don’t wait till you are perfect

Nobody is perfect, and that includes writers.

We are all aiming for perfection but we will learn only from our mistakes.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes but expect to commit them.

You will learn your greatest lessons not from your success but from your failures.

Embrace your failures and treat them as your best friends.

They will become your ladder to success.

You will make a lot of mistakes in the beginning of your writing career. But you will learn to do better as you go.

You will hone your skills and polish the art of writing through experience and setbacks.

There are no shortcuts. That’s just the way it is. Accept it and you are well on your way to becoming an acclaimed writer.

10. Motivate yourself to write daily

We all need motivation from time to time. It encourages us to do better, to work harder and to succeed faster.

Listen to motivational speeches as often as you can. They will pump you up for more productive actions.

I make it a point to listen to motivational messages daily. This helps me so much to be consistent as a writer. Motivational messages have the power to actually bring about changes in our brains. They rewire our brains to change our habits and actions. This is the game plan that I follow, which has enabled me to write more than 80 articles in the last 3 months. I hope that these suggestions will add much value to your life as a writer.

Written by: Nitin Khaire, Certified Life Fulfillment Coach

Edited by: Rajinder Soni, CEO Digital Writopreneurs Hub

Photographs and captions inserted by Rajinder Soni

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  1. Sir you have given detailed step-by-step guide to enhance our knowledge of writing. After reading this, all my doubts related to content writing are clear. Sir, I am sure that it is the easiest way to develop this skill. The article is amazing. After reading, will power, motivation and inspiration are developed. Thanks for giving us such an important and detailed article regarding writing.

    1. The motivational steps vividly described will go a long way in helping aspiring writers. Thank you so much for being so mindful and trying to help writers who intend to make this a way of making an income. Stay blessed.

  2. He is working very hard to make everyone financially independent and providing lots and lots of value through his course. Do give it a try and join the course if you love writing and if you feel that content writing is your thing.

    1. Thank you so much for the realistic advice given. I kept wondering if it was written exclusively for me. For the past two months I have been struggling to write regularly, in vain. Now I will will myself to set aside time for writing. The tips given are invaluable.
      Thanks a ton, once again.

  3. Although writing is a creative field, it does need some practical methods to be honed. Thanks for sharing these methods and tips. Will try these to improve my skills as a writer.

  4. Really an inspiration for enhancing my writing. I will try to follow these rules to sharpen my writing outcome. Thanks.

  5. Khrawbor Nonglang

    Thanks team rajindersoni for 10-Step Game Plan To Become A Successful Writer. I find it to be extremely helpful and full of value for me and for the writer’s community as a whole. With the blooming of the worldwide web, the blooming of fake influencers has also increased hugely as a result. And as a result, it has become increasingly important for us to know WHO SHOULD WE FOLLOW. Well, I believe that we should follow someone who has the experience, who has achieved something of significance in that industry, who himself has gone through all the ups and the downs of that industry, who has himself started out of nothing and made a name in that industry…and all these attributes point to the rightful founder of, with more than a decade of work and experience in the writing industry. Your articles speak for themselves. The depth of the articles you guys write really reflects the amount of time and effort that your team and you put to write the articles that are of such caliber, and I believe that it has the power to not just inform but inspire. And not to mention the transparency that you guys provide is priceless. There is much that we (the writer’s community) can learn from you. So, please keep it coming and keep up the good work. Thanks again…

    1. Thank you so much Khrawbor for this comment. Your comment has inspired us to add more value to the writer’s community and we will keep on writing inspirational articles.

  6. Outstanding! It is quite helpful as it covers everything that needs to be a skilled writer from the preparation perspective. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Key takeaways from the article and my personal view included

    1)Firstly one needs to have a positive mindset regarding anything one starts fresh in his life. Think of it as an opportunity or gift from god. What more will happen? Either you learn or you gain experience? Right!! I am sure you will agree with me on this.

    A positive mindset is a key and the building block for success in any field.

    Do watch the strangest secret recording available on YouTube by earl nightingale every day. It will help you to stay focused and positive towards your goals. You can also follow people like Bob Proctor and Brian Tracy to ensure you remain in a positive mindset and are always up for challenges.

    Remember – “Where your focus goes energy flows”.

    2)The second key takeaway is visualized yourself as a writer and make use of positive affirmations such as:-

    1) I am an author on a mission to help 1 lakh people write their books and become a personal brand in their niche and open more opportunities for growth for them.

    2) I am focused and I achieve results.

    3) I am consistent in writing and continuously improve myself etc.
    Make sure you write such statements and paste it somewhere say on your study table or somewhere you can see them every time and that will automatically motivate you when you feel down.

    3)Start writing your goals and maintain a journal. When you write down your goals along with a deadline, it creates a sense of urgency and you know you have to achieve this. You can prioritize your daily activities by making a to-do list a night before for the next day in order of importance such as:-

    A category- Most important
    B category- Medium importance
    C category- Least important.

    Once you do this and put your writing tasks or goals for daily consistently on a high priority along with the deadline, it will push you to achieve that target.

    To help you stay motivated you can also reward yourself.

    Say, for example, you set a target of writing 500 words articles daily, once you achieve that and all other important high priority tasks (try to have 2-3 high priority task only in a day), then you can do what you like for the remaining part of the day such as reading a book, following your passion, going out with friends, or watching a movie to rejuvenate yourself for the next day.

    4)Make sure to become part of as many like-minded writers group on social media as u can as it helps in staying touch with the latest trends in writing. Moreover, when you join a mastermind group or like-minded group, you become accountable and you push each other to archive more. You will see when someone appreciated your article written, it automatically boosts your morale to write continuously and help others.

    5)Make a content calendar and ensure that you post daily and write consistently on various social media platforms to build your brand. You can repurpose your same content in different forms as per different social media platforms’ requirements.

    For example:- Say you have written an article on a certain topic on your blog, then you can create an info-graph from the same text and share it on Instagram, you can create a short 2 min video and share that on YouTube and linked in, etc.

    6)The last takeaway is that do not wait for perfection. Write continuously consistently and only then they can master that be it any field.
    Hence always remember consistency> and better than being perfect.

    I am sharing with you all this since I belong to a like-minded community which we all are part of and we all are writers here and one must always help each other as I believing the quote-“Sharing is Caring”.

    Wishing you all the very best in your writing journey and many thanks to Rajinder sir for creating such a wonderful mastermind group.

    God bless all.

    Love and Respect

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