Why is it Important for Writers to Showcase Their Writing Skills?


In today’s digital era, most businesses have an online presence. They need high-quality content regularly for their website, blog, social media posts, email campaigns, etc. It creates unlimited opportunities for quality writers. Many web design companies, advertising agencies, businesses, etc., are constantly searching for strategically written content.

But if nobody knows about your writing skills, you cannot make a living out of it. You must promote your skills if you want to make writing a career. Promoting and publicizing your writer’s brand will make potential clients aware of your writing skills. It will help you to establish yourself and stand out from your competitors.

This article will discuss the need to get noticed as a writer and what steps you can take to establish your writer’s brand.

Reasons to Promote Writing Skills

A solid and professional online presence increases your visibility and allows you to share and showcase your expertise to the target audience or clients.

  • You can highlight your professional journey, accomplishments, strengths, experience, kind of projects you are ready to work on, and ability to complete projects on time with limited resources.
  • It helps you gain credibility. You do not have to explain everything verbally to everyone. People can see your work and what you are capable of doing.
  • There are many qualified content writers. A positive public image will help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed by potential clients. Your prospective client will get an idea of the kind of services you can provide.
  • You can network with active and like-minded professionals in your industry. You can help each other, develop long-term relationships, gain new knowledge, build confidence, get career advice, and build your reputation as a knowledgeable person. Getting noticed is a must for personal and career growth.
  • It will increase your search engine visibility and develop Google authority. You do not have to approach clients for work. You will rank higher in search engines with a verified profile. Clients can access your complete information and portfolio by searching your name, as your profiles will get displayed on the first page itself.
  • It is more than a resume and has a great first impression on your prospective clients. Your online work samples and recommendations will show your personality and increase authenticity.

How to Get Your Writing Skills Noticed?

You can get your writing skills noticed by:

Starting a Blog

Create a writer’s blog and showcase your expertise to the world. Many businesses and firms look for niche-specific writers. It will portray you as an expert in your niche.

Doing Guest Posting

Guest posting will help you expand your reach in front of the new audience. You can approach established bloggers in your niche and offer a guest post on their blog. It helps you to get backlinks from a high-quality site and improve your search engine rankings. You will get noticed, and bloggers will get fresh content.

Posting Comments

Leave an intelligent and helpful comment on others’ blog posts to increase your visibility in front of the right audience.

Using Social Media Platforms

Getting active on social media will give you the necessary exposure and polish your writing skills. You can get noticed by businesses looking for writers in your niche.

A few social media platforms you can start with:

Facebook: You can create a dedicated writer’s page, community or join niche-specific groups to spread awareness about your expertise.

Twitter: Create a writer’s profile and collaborate with other writers to leverage a new audience.

LinkedIn: Optimize your LinkedIn profile as a writer. Join relevant groups and post engaging content to increase your followers and establish yourself as an expert.

YouTube: Start a YouTube channel and share your experiences as a writer, tips related to your niche, etc. Include a call-to-action at the end to turn viewers into subscribers.

Getting Testimonials

Gather genuine testimonials. They will help clients to know about your qualities, such as the ability to meet deadlines, working under pressure, responsiveness, and easy-to-work-with personality.

Taking part in Writing Contests

Take part in writing contests. You will learn new things and get an opportunity to showcase your writing skills.

Starting a Podcast

It is one of the best ways to promote yourself. Record your thoughts and share them with your target audience. It portrays your expertise in your niche. You can also appear as a guest speaker on other established podcast speakers’ episodes.

Creating a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio makes your writing easily accessible to your prospective clients. If you do not have an online portfolio, you can create links to download your writing samples. It will help your clients to get an idea about your writing style.

Contacting Clients

You can approach businesses for paid writing work. You can also contact advertising agencies, marketing consultants, etc., if you do not know whom to contact.

Need and Tips to Create a Strong Writing Portfolio on Your Writer’s Website

Publicizing your writing skills on various online platforms is a good option. But, having your writers’ website is the best option. It is your asset, and you have complete control over it.

Here are a few points you should follow while creating your writer’s portfolio:

  • Display samples related to the niche you want to write in and appeal to target clients.
  • Do not include too many writing samples. It will confuse your potential client. Use only two to three samples per niche to demonstrate your writing skills.
  • Showcase only your best writing samples.
  • Include details of writing contests that you have won.
  • Make your portfolio page easy to navigate.
  • Organize your samples by niche and add a brief description to each sample.
  • Keep the portfolio page design simple with easy-to-read font size.
  • Use a thumbnail image for each sample to make them visually appealing.
  • Make your site responsive so that text and images do not get distorted on mobile and tablet.
  • Keep your writing portfolio fresh and replace old samples with new and updated ones.
  • Use a powerful and clickable call-to-action, such as an email address or button, to motivate clients to contact you.


Having a robust online presence as a writer creates a buzz about you. It allows people to share your posts or articles with their network. You can reach a wider audience and create a loyal fan who is interested in your work.

Written by: Preeti Shah

Evaluated by: Rajinder Soni

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