DW Writer’s Checklist to Proofread and Format Content Before Publishing

While I was engaged in my Digital Writopreneurs mastermind, suddenly an idea came to my mind to write down below checklist points. I promised my writers that I will publish this post here on my website and will send them the link. So below you can find 20 checklist points for online writers. Although this is not a complete list, it is my belief that if writers are running these checklist points on their articles before publishing, they will have fewer chances of their articles getting unpublished.

Copy of Yellow and White Photo Marketing Proposal Presentation by Rajinder Soni
  1. Run spell check on your article.
  2. Check your content for spelling errors manually as you may miss certain look-a-likes.
  3. Check your text for missing words. Articles, such as, a, an and the and conjunctions, such as, or, but, for, nor, and, so and yet are most commonly missed.
  4. Check for subject-verb disagreement, issues in tenses, redundant sentences, typos, repetition of similar words within a sentence, look-a-likes, etc.
  5. Read your article loudly and verify whether your sentences are reading well.
  6. Check whether the title is in synchronization with the main text of the article.
  7. Check whether the summary is brief, to the point and attractive as it will be the second thing after the main article title which will appear in front of your audience.
  8. Check all heading levels and their formatting.
  9. Verify that you have included an introduction in the beginning and a conclusion at the end.
  10. You need to divide your text into smaller paragraphs and insert them in different text widgets.
  11. Write smaller sentences that are easily cached by the search engines.
  12. Please add some call out text in your articles to hold your audience on your article for a longer duration. This is an SEO trick.
  13. Always add some unique personal touch to your articles.
  14. Never rush through while editing the content.
  15. Add some quotes of your own in the articles that have the power to provoke your readers to add some comments.
  16. Do not add quotes of philosophers as search engines will consider them as copied content from other websites.
  17. Make your articles attractive by adding interactive videos and engaging photographs.
  18. After making all the necessary changes, read your article again and think from the reader’s perspective and see whether your article is able to deliver the right message.
  19. To verify the impact of your article on your reader’s mind talk with a friend and ask him to read your article. If you are in our ‘Viral Hubs’ group then you can simply leave your article’s title and link and ask for review.
  20. Now do some minor tweaks in the photo captions or alter your content to fix visible defects in text.

I hope the above points will help you in publishing quality articles. The more you will focus on quality in the beginning the better you will become as a writer. Digital Writopreneurs Hub wishes you good luck for your writing and publishing career.

Rajinder Soni, CEO

Digital Writopreneurs Hub


4 thoughts on “DW Writer’s Checklist to Proofread and Format Content Before Publishing”

  1. The points suggested by you are of great value. It will help to organize the written matter in an interesting manner. It makes one feel at home with one’s content and write well. Thanks a ton.

  2. These are some excellent points one should check before publishing the posts. It would definitely improve the quality of the content as well as traction.

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