How to Write Titles Using Long-Tail keywords?

Are you struggling to get traffic from Google? Let me help you solve this problem with long-tail keywords to get some crazy search engine traffic. Long-tail keywords are direct user queries posted in search engines with low individual search volume. These keywords can have an enormous total search demand as a group and have been tested and utilized by top online writers since many years. Most importantly when these keywords are utilized directly in your article’s titles, they can actually give you long-term search engine traffic and your article will rank in the search engines for the keywords.

Let me explain it to you with examples to give you a better idea. The best way is to differentiate between short and long-tail keywords:

Short keywords                                                                                                Long-tail keywords

Fighter jet                                                                                                          Best fighter jet in the world

Benefits of traveling                                                                                        Benefits of traveling to Europe

Cute cats                                                                                                              The cutest cat in the world

Lose weight                                                                                                        How to lose weight fast

The long tail of broad topics

Lose weight

Extreme weight loss methods                                     Easy weight loss plan                      Fastest weight loss plan

Easy diet for weight loss                                                How to really lose weight              Best fat loss diet

Tips for selecting topics based on long-tail keywords:

1.       When choosing topics, always look for ones with the largest total search traffic potential.

2.       Don’t target long-tail keywords within a broad topic and rather narrow down.

Examples of titles utilizing long-tail keywords:

A Thrilling First-Hand Experience To Parashar Lake

Why Does Gurudongmar Lake Deserve To Be in a Traveler’s Bucket List?

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