Tips to write a great article and stay motivated while writing

It is very important as a writer to stay motivated while writing the article. There will be many temptations to give up but you must persevere. Below are four simple tips to help you write a good article and pass the quality assessment process:

1. Decide on the topic

Before you start writing, you must be clear about the topic on which you want to write. You can research the demand for your topic on Google Search or Google Trends. It will give you an idea whether your topic has good search results and whether it is trending.

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2. Find long-tailed keywords

Finding the right keywords on your topic is extremely important from the point of view of getting traffic to your article. This is also called search engine optimization or SEO.

There are free and paid tools available at sites like,, Ubersuggest and others that will help you to find the right keywords. The keywords should have high search volume and low competition.

There are various types of keywords like exact match, broad match, short tail, long tail, and many other types. It is always good to choose long-tail keywords. These keywords contain three to four words.

For example, if your main keyword is “marketing”, your long-tail keyword could be “digital marketing for beginners”. You can do some research and get some good keywords. This will ensure that search engines will drive a lot of traffic to your article.

3. Create a catchy and attractive title

Titles are the first thing that people notice, and so they should be very attractive and attention grabbing. Write titles that are about eight words long and have 55 characters. Anything more than 55 characters will be truncated in Google Search. Your title should draw many people to your article. It should make them curious to know what is there in the article.  You must learn how to include long-tail keywords in the title of the article. Use powerful and emotional words to grab reader’s attention. A catchy and attractive title has enormous power to increase the click-through rate.

4. Write long-form and captivating content

Content is king. You must have heard this phrase many times. It is absolutely true. If you follow all other steps correctly, but do not know how write a stellar article, you will not get good traffic. So write a very good article using simple words as this will increase the readability of your article. The sentences should be small and easily readable.  This will help your article perform better as compared to articles with long and complicated sentences. Think about writing for the general audience. Use short paragraphs and structure your content properly and attractively. Ensure that your sentences are grammatically correct by using tools like Grammarly.

Include keywords in the beginning, middle and ending. Have an introduction, main body and a conclusion. Use media such as relevant images and videos of high quality. Use callout extensions to highlight important parts of your article. A callout is a small snippet of text used to tease your readers to read your article further. This ensures reader’s engagement. Proofread and edit your article a couple of times to ensure its grammatical correctness.

Once you have followed all these steps, it will definitely pass through any quality assessment process easily. I can say this with confidence because I have written almost 60 articles on a big and well-known website. All of these articles have been published and featured as well.

Now, I would like to tell you how to stay motivated while writing your article.

1.  Write every day.

a) One of the best ways to be consistent in writing is to write daily.

b) This will help you to form the habit of writing.

c) Once it becomes a habit, it will be easier but you have to work hard at it for the first 21 days.

d) If possible, try to have a fixed place to do your writing.

c) Having a fixed time for writing also helps a lot.

2. Remove all things that may distract you. There are many things that may distract you while writing. Remove those things first.

a) Keep the phone on silent.

b) Close all the tabs on your computer screen.

c) Put a “do not disturb” sign on your writing desk.

d) The goal is to focus on your writing. You must get in the flow of words.

3. Just keep on writing without editing

One mistake writers do is to worry about editing after every sentence. This disturbs the flow so do not worry about editing at that point.

a) Just go with the flow and keep on writing as the words pour out.

4. Learn to take short breaks

During the writing process, you may get mentally tired and saturated at times.

a) It is important to take a break when this happens.

b) The break will refresh your mind, and ensure that you will get in the flow soon.

5. Keep in mind why you are writing

Always keep in the back of your mind the reason why you are writing in the first place. Ask these questions to yourself.

a) Is it to fulfill your passion for writing?

b) Is it because you want to build your writing empire?

c) Is it because you want to establish yourself as an author?

d) Is it to support a noble cause or bring attention to a social issue?

There could be many reasons why you are writing. Remember these while writing as these questions will keep you motivated.

If you are writing to establish a writing business, think about how it will bless your family as passive earnings start flowing into your bank account.

6. Get inspiration from other authors or writers

It is important to read motivational literature or listen to inspirational audios by well-known authors and motivators such as Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale and many others.

Their stories and messages will motivate you to do better in all aspects of your life including writing.

7.  Your writing will influence many people

Remember that your writing will outlive you and influence many people in the world. Once your writing is on the internet, it will never go away. Someone, somewhere, in any corner of the world, will find inspiration and encouragement from your articles.

These seven suggestions should help you to get up and get going with your writing tasks.

I have been writing now for quite some time though I had taken a long break. Yes, I have struggled sometimes during the writing process. Sometimes, I have experienced the writer’s block. At times, I have experienced physical and mental exhaustion. Other times, I had to carve out time for writing. Sometimes, it was difficult to select the right topics to write about. But through all this, I have remained consistent and persevered because I am looking at the long-term picture.

I hope after reading all this, you are ready to go ahead and start writing. Now close your eyes and speak out below powerful sentences to yourself:

  1. I am full of positive energy as a writer and I want to help others with my knowledge while creating substantial income for my family.
  2. I want to establish myself as an author/writer and make a living through this writing business.
  3. I want to give my family a bright and beautiful future.
  4. I also want to influence people in a positive way and leave behind a great legacy for the next generation.
  5. All these thoughts will propel and motivate me to keep on writing no matter what.
  6. I am the secret to happiness and abundance and I will spread this with my writing.
  7. I will make sure that my writing lights up somebody’s life in a positive way.

Written by: Nitin Khaire, Certified Life Fulfillment Coach and Certified Executive Coach

Edited by: Rajinder Soni, CEO, Digital Writopreneurs Hub

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