Please tell me what is your NICHE

Rema Vijayan: Proofreading and content writing
Akash Kulshrestha: To be a successful entrepreneur
Priyadarshni Kumari: Software engineer and travel blogger
Himanshu Kumar: Self-improvement and communication skills
Faisal Pervaiz: Data entry
Arjun Sajeev: Content Writing
Twinkle Gupta: Poetry
Sagar Reddy: I don’t know
Surya Chakraborty: I don’t know
Kiran Wasu: Self-help
Nitin Khaire: Self-help and personal development

The survey results displayed above reveal that there are many writers who do not know exactly what topics they should be selecting through which they can generate maximum money in the long term. The niche you select today is going to build you as a BRAND in the future. This is the foundation stone of your writing business.

If you are just starting to write, you should write your first 10 posts on any topic you like. Let the words flow. There should be no limitations in the beginning. Then from your 11th post, choose one topic or niche. You should focus in the low competition area.

“The Riches are in the Niches”. Narrow niche selection will take you to the low competition space and in this way you will grab targeted traffic and leads.

If you are confused on how to go down on your niche, you can DM me and fix a phone appointment.

Your niche is the future.

Getting niche clarified is an important step for each writer.

Whether you remain an average writer or you become a top-notch niche dominator completely depends on you.


If you understand this simple thing then you gonna rock the online space with me. Let us meet live online. Because online is the place you should be focusing on as a writer because I will take you to a world of earning possibilities. Money will come running to you but first it is excellence that needs to be achieved. If you have just got just 5 percent of what I am saying in your mind, congratulations you have just moved one step forward in your online writing career.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy GOAL. I am giving you that worthwhile GOAL on proven and tested platform. It is up to you to either leave it or else create your own doors of thousand possibilities.

You can call me at 7291849502 to get your personal profitable niche clarity.



22 thoughts on “Please tell me what is your NICHE”

      1. Nidhi πŸŽ‰ you are already an awesome teacher and I have seen your training others. You are enthusiastic for your work and this is the best part of your niche.

  1. Power of subconscious mind. I have always wanted to write, however wasn’t sure where to start. It is very easy to get lost in this digital jungle, though everything seems accessible. Thank you so much Rajinder for creating such a wonderful platform and supporting everyone with enthusiasm and simplicity. Looking forward to finally fulfill this dream with your help.

    1. Welcome Rohini 😊. I have some advice for people who want to start writing online and become famous bloggers. The power lies in focus. You actually need to cut off all distractions and target on your goal.

      If you are following various mentors then you may be confused. The best solution to this issue is to select one mentor and shut down all other communications for the next 6 months. Now lay down your plan based on the teachings of your mentor. While following his instructions start creating your own step-by-step process. This will not only help you in moving forward consistently but will also help you train other writers from whatever you have learned.

      Exchange ideas, communicate with others, help them, add valuable comments to other’s articles. Believe me whatever you will do for others you will get back in return.

      Spread love and positivity ❀️ and you will get it back πŸ™ in return.

      And the most important point πŸ‘Œ — always be consistent in your efforts.

  2. Gopal Swaroop Anand

    Digital sukshama vyayam techniques for senior citizens by way of daily practice of simple yet effective body movements resulting in an exercise through my daily vedio session in the morning at 6:30 am in small group of senior citizens.
    The total time required for your own body for this purpose,in my opinion is just 24 minutes out of 24 hours day available to all and that too in 2 installments of may be 12 minutes duration.
    You can further round off this to a simple 10 minutes session twice without fail in order to keep your body fit and disease free.
    This is my mission too to help at least 100000 senior citizens from no movement to a minimum of Two sessions of 10 minutes duration each through my digital coaching system under the mentorship of Mr Rajinder Soni CEO digital writopreneur hub and a beginning to this has already been made through my first introductory webinar. It is a long journey and still long way to go.

    1. You have taken the best niche Gopal Swaroop Anandji. Yes there is a long way to go and I really praise πŸ™Œ your unrelenting desire to learn and appreciate your mission and vision. You are helping many people when many others are just relaxing on their comfortable sofas at your age. I salute you.

  3. Hello Sir ,

    I am very greatful that you wrote the most awaited post as it is main point before starting any blog. Beginners are lost in finding right topic to start. Even I am in those category.I want to start a hindi blog. So your guidance would be appreciated in niche selection.


    1. Dear Priya,

      Although my system and communities are all based on English, still I would love to talk with you and give you the niche as per your passion, purpose and market.

  4. Congratulation Mr. Rajinder Soni. Your dedication and diligence are awe-inspiring. I am motivated and admire the way you inspire aspiring writers.
    Waiting to kickstart my writing.

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