How to overcome fears and doubts of writing?

My name is Rajinder Soni and I am on a mission to help writers who want to work hard but are surrounded by negativity or distraction and also others who have the caliber but are lost or have not found the right way to do things. I have failed many times but whenever I failed I stood back up on my feet wiping my tears. Many times, there will be no one who is going to wipe up your tears. You need to feel majestic and powerful and the world will follow whereas if you will feel broken all the time you will remain as such. Now the choice is yours, to remain a loser by not attempting to start working on your worthwhile goal to fulfill your dreams or to feel like a hero and actually become that despite failing several times.

Please ask all your doubts below this post. I am always open to help. I will help you focus. Hold my hand and I will take you with me and never leave you because I have seen all the ups and downs and I know the right way. And you all know I never say anything for the sake of saying. I just do it. Before sharing your fears of starting to write consistently read this article and you will be able to overcome the following issues once you reach the end of this article.

  • You will overcome fears and doubts that are stopping you from moving forward on your writer’s journey.
  • You will learn how to write articles consistently like other successful writers.
  • You will learn how to tackle negative circumstances that are stopping you from becoming a quality writer.
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What are the fears and distraction of writing?

  1. I do not have any talent.
  2. I do not have anything to write.
  3. I do not have enough life experience.
  4. I do not have enough education.
  5. I may get rejected if I will write.
  6. I am making a lot of spelling errors.
  7. My grammar is not up to the mark.
  8. Other writers have more writing experience than me.

Now say this to yourself to overcome fears and distraction of writing:

  • I am a talented individual (close your eyes and think about your past achievements).
  • I can write on many topics and categories.
  • I am living a life so I have many experiences to share. I just need to memorize them and start writing.
  • I will start with whatever education I have in my hand.
  • I am not afraid of rejection. I will write as practice will help me improve.
  • I will overcome my spelling errors by doing these spelling drills online.
  • I will watch videos on “editing and proofreading” and I will improve my grammar
  • I will take maximum advantage of the writer’s community.
  • I will learn from experienced writers and will create my strategies to write articles.

I do not know how to write articles consistently like other consistent writers (give me ideas)

  • Write because you want to make things better at work, at home or in your community.
  • Write because you have got something to say and you just need to get the word out.
  • Write because you are tired of reading other writer’s write and you want to start sharing your own.
  • Write to discover new things.

Consistent writing plan – say this to yourself now – “I will do it”

  • Keep an ideas journal. Share your ideas in our telegram group and discuss with others.
  • Set a target for posting frequency – announce your goals in the public – announce in groups and social media channels.
  • Listen to the sound of your words (read loudly after writing your article).
  • Learn from others in the community and you will get several ideas to write.
  • Embrace your imperfection – when you will publish your first article it is a general protocol that it may get rejected for the first time and becomes unpublished. Don’t feel negative about that. You should pass different phases to become a quality writer.

Negative circumstances at home and workplace for writers

  1. Family members are not giving enough time to write.
  2. My parents say “do not focus on writing and instead focus on your studies”.
  3. I am not getting enough time to write as I am busy in the office and commute time takes a toll on me.
  4. I think that I will never be able to focus on writing.

Create positive circumstances at your home and workplace

  • Do your activities of daily living quickly. Wake up early to start writing. In this way, you can give enough time to your family members while focusing on writing.
  • Complete your studies on time and carve out an article from whatever you have learned in a day. Show that article to your parents and tell them that you are revising your syllabus by writing. In this way, you will learn better as writing down helps memorize better. This memorization helps at the time of examination. Your parents will become happy.
  • Close your eyes and think about just one worthwhile goal and think about this all the time. Now if your goal is writing, visualize it and think about it all the time. Open up your eyes. Now you have got the power to focus on it.
I usually like going to the mountains and I want to be alone sometimes because this helps me de-clutter my mind from all the negative thoughts.
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I will convert ALL my negative circumstances into POSITIVE, “I WILL TAKE THE POSITIVE STEPS”

  1. When I will be in a negative situation, I will try to find what is good or helpful in it instead of feeling depressed.
  2. I will remind myself that “people don’t care about what you say or do” so I will not get distracted by what people say.
  3. I will replace the negativity in my surroundings with positivity.
  4. I am self-committed to my writing success.

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