Mission, Vision, and Purpose Statement for Writers

In this article, we will look at the topic of mission, vision, and purpose.

We will understand the meaning of these three concepts first.

Next, we will try to unravel the benefits of having a mission, vision, and purpose in our lives. We will then make a mission statement for ourselves individually.

Meaning of Mission, Vision, and Purpose

  • A mission is a task given to an individual or group of individuals to accomplish or spread awareness about something.
  • Vision is the ability to think about the future with wisdom and foresight.
  • Purpose is the intention to get something done.

Benefits of having a mission statement

  • Clarifies your purpose

When you formulate a mission statement for yourself, it makes your purpose clear. It brings clarity to what activities you need to indulge in. 

On the other hand, it allows you to get rid of unproductive activities that don’t contribute to your mission. 

You start understanding what exactly you need to do and what to avoid. For example, as a writer, you will reduce your social media time to give more time to writing.

Your mission, vision and purpose statement will help you build a strong personal brand as you are a unique person and if you will become the center of attraction of your business then no one can take your place.
  • Branding

Having a mission statement and sharing it with others on social media or other platforms will build your personal brand.

Personal branding or business branding is crucial in these days of breakneck competition. 

You will have to prove yourselves to others. You will have to stand out in the crowd. 

The world must first know why they would follow you. They need to see what is your ultimate selling proposition.

You must convince them of what value you can add to their lives through your products or writings.

  • Attracts people’s attention 

As you keep on sharing your mission statement on the internet, the power of social media will work for you. This will result in people starting to notice you. You will start grabbing more eyeballs.

Getting more attention will further enhance your personal branding. 

People will know who you are and what exactly you do. When they know that you are a person of vision and mission, they will start following you. They will be eager to know more about you.

  • Keeps you on track 

There are three types of activities basically: unproductive, productive, and highly productive.

When you know your mission in life, you will remove all unproductive activities from your daily routine. You will identify the activities that are productive and start doing those activities. 

Not only that, but you will also further refine even your productive activities to know what activities are producing the best results for you. This is a process of fine combing all your activities to come up with the most productive ones. Thus, having a mission in life keeps you on the right track.

A mission statement will help you connect with a large number of people who can become your targeted audience.

Rajinder Soni, CEO

Digital Writopreneurs Hub

  • Automatic traffic generation

Since you have a mission statement, and you share it on social media, it will begin generating automatic, organic traffic to your website and social media handles.

Companies and individuals are spending thousands of dollars on paid advertisements nowadays. But if you share your vision, mission, and purpose with people, you will get organic traffic. That is the power of sharing your mission statement on social media.

Have you been struggling with traffic generation? Try doing this and see how your traffic begins to grow organically.

The more visible you become on social media across various platforms, the more traffic you will generate.  If people have never heard about you, how will they follow you? That’s exactly the reason why companies spend millions of dollars to show their advertisements multiple times in a time period.

  • Helps you to form the right strategy

If you want to be successful in life or business, you need to have the right strategy. Having a mission statement will give you the insights and knowledge to formulate the right strategy to take you forward. 

If writing 30 articles in 60 days is your immediate mission, you will work out the number of hours you must invest in writing daily. When you know the final destination of your mission, it becomes easy to chalk out the plan to reach there. When you know that you have to reach a certain place at a certain time, you will schedule your activities accordingly.

  • It will make you focused and committed

Having a mission and vision will keep you focused on your efforts. You know the end goal and so you will remove distractions and stay on track.

It will also increase your commitment level.  When you know your goal, you will become laser focused.  

When people don’t have a vision, they are lost and wander about aimlessly. 

Somebody has put it very aptly- If you have nothing to die for, you have nothing to live for.

When you know that there is a purpose in your life, it will make your work more focused and passionate.

  • You will transform lives

In due time, you will impart your passion and vision to others. This will result in a ripple effect. Many lives can be transformed as people catch your vision and become a part of it.

Great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi followed the same pattern. They gave birth to a vision and a mission and then imparted it to others. Soon it became a national and then a worldwide movement.

If you are sure about your vision and mission in life, others will be impressed and they will follow you. Your mission will have many more stakeholders and beneficiaries too. 

  • You will leave behind a great legacy

If you follow your mission faithfully till the end, you will impact not only the present generation but many more generations to come as well.

Do you see how powerful it is to have a vision, a mission, and a purpose in life? It is not just for you but for the multitudes of others. You are actually building a movement step by step and day by day.

What should be your mission statement?

A mission statement need not be very long. Just a sentence or two will do. 

Here is Google’s mission statement for a better understanding: 

To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Given below is a very simple template for your mission statement. You can customize it as per your vision.

I am on a mission to connect with 100000/200000/500000 people in India/in the world and help them create/generate/develop a healthy/spiritual, prosperous/abundant and financially/mentally/emotionally stable lifestyle.

Written by: Nitin Khaire, Certified Life Fulfillment Coach and Certified Executive Coach

Edited by: Rajinder Soni, CEO, Digital Writopreneurs Hub

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  2. A purposeful life needs tangible, lift-me-up goals. As a professional , this is almost crucial.

    Thanks for this super-powerful
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    A timely reminder to get back on track!

    1. Hello Sowrabha! Yes, now is the perfect time to get inside the live sessions plus this forum. Many new writers need your guidance too. I would like to see you back in action quickly.

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