What do you think is the MOST ESSENTIAL SKILL to become a writer?

Have you ever thought about what could be the most essential skills to become a writer?

There could be a myriad of things that come to mind.

Well, given below are 15 such skills that could help people to become writers and make writers even better at their art.


This is a very important skill for any writer because if he is not persistent, he will give up writing soon. Writing is an art that is perfected over time. It takes countless hours of practice to make a good writer. Thus persistence is at the top of the skills that a writer should possess.

Story-Telling Skills

Stories have the power to capture the attention of children and adults as well. Stories can drive home your point more easily than just normal articles.

As a writer, storytelling is one skill that you need to develop. Some of the best writers are also the best storytellers. Remember how as a child you loved listening to stories? I remember telling stories to my children when they were small and I had their full attention. They would be so excited to know how the story develops and wanted to hear another story after that.

Adults are just grown-up children. They still love reading stories.


Writers’ imagination should be very vivid. Imagination is a writer’s treasure trove. You need to go to your treasure trove every time you write an article and draw out amazing treasures for your readers.

Imagination is a powerful thing for writers. It can help you craft a beautiful piece of writing that will enthrall and entertain your readers.

All the art and craft you see in the world is a result of the imagination put to use creatively.

It will be wonderful to use your imagination to enhance your writing.


Good writers are good readers. The more you read, the better writer you will become.

Reading increases your horizon. It adds to your vocabulary and understanding of new words.

It keeps you abreast of the things going on in the writing world.

You understand new concepts of writing as you read books written by other authors. So keep on reading books from various genres and a wide variety of authors.


One virtue you will have to develop as a writer is the virtue of patience.

Patience is powerful for anyone including for a writer. Patience is needed while researching, developing, and writing an article or book.

It takes time to write a good article or book. Patience will help you to develop into a great writer.


A writer should be passionate about his craft and write about things that he is passionate about.

His passion should shine through his writings. Passion will keep you going when everything else fails.

Passion is like fuel in your engine. Without fuel, a car can never move forward. Similarly, without passion, your writing will not move forward.

Decide about the topics/subjects that you are passionate about and start writing about those things.

Passion will ensure that when things get tough, and you feel like giving up, you will still keep going.


Empathy means the ability to understand the feelings of other people. A writer should have loads of empathy to be effective in his writing.

Empathy will convince your readers that you really care for them and you will have their attention right away.

Readers have a way to know if the writer is empathetic or not. It is like a sixth sense. Showing empathy in your writing will attract more readers to your articles.

It will do you good to develop this value in your life and it will manifest through your writings.

No Prejudice

Prejudice is a preconceived opinion that is not based on reality or experience. A writer must stay away from this in all his writings.

He should be very realistic and not heavily opinionated.

He should portray a real-life picture in his writing and let the reader decide how to evaluate it. Not being prejudiced will take your writing to more readers and more places.

Be Objective

A good writer is very objective. His writing is not influenced by his personal opinions. He writes it as it is without cloaking it in his personal opinions.

It is important for writers to be objective and write almost as if they are a different person.

This is easier said than done but it is a skill to be mastered.

Good Vocabulary

Vocabulary is to a writer what weapons are to a warrior. Words are the building blocks for writers.

If you have a good vocabulary, you can write beautiful and meaningful articles.

A writer is a wordsmith and he crafts sentences using the appropriate words.

If he does not have enough words, how can he craft a beautiful piece?

The lesson here is to build up your vocabulary daily. Learn new words. Look up a new word in the dictionary as soon as you come across it. Get its meaning and write it down till you become familiar with it.

Read a lot to increase your vocabulary. Listen to English podcasts or videos to learn new words and their usage.

Do whatever you can to increase your vocabulary because this is the basic tool of your trade.


A good writer should understand the importance of the right mindset as a writer.

He should develop a positive and possibility mindset to become an influential writer.

Mindset is important in any realm of life, including writing.

Make sure that you develop the right mindset as a writer.

Ability to Express in Words

A writer is an artist who expresses his art with words. This entails that he should be adept at expressing his feelings, passion and emotions through his writing.

A writer must be very good at expressing himself through his words.

This is a basic requirement for all writers.

Good Observation

Writers must have a keen eye for details. If he wants to write well, he must develop an eye for details. He must be a good observer of people as well as events that happen around him.

When he develops this talent, he can better express himself through his writing.

Command Over the Language

It goes without saying that he should have good command over his language of writing. If he wants to make an impact, he must know the nuances of the language.

He must train himself to master the language.

In the writing world today, there are several writing and grammar tools that are available online to aid the writing process. While these are good and helpful, the writer has a responsibility to master the language himself.

This will ensure that his writing is powerful and influences a lot of people.

Good grasp of the topic or subject.

Finally, a writer must have good knowledge of the topic that he is writing on.

This means that he has to make a thorough research of the topic, gather facts and figures, and only then write about it.

This will ensure that he maintains his integrity and his writing is reliable.

He should not just write something without a solid backup of truth, facts, and statistics to validate his stand.


These are some of the major skills that any writer has to develop so that he can excel in his writing career and impact many with his writings.

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  1. Most essential skill to become a writer is first of all communication skill and adaptability ,recharge skill by collecting new thoughts and ideas ,so that he /she can excel in writing process which is helpful.

  2. This is one of the best articles I have read recently sir… You have covered everything and nothing is left unturned.

    Excellent expressive article loaded with lots & lots of information and insights for budding writers who want to create a mark in the Writoprenuers world👌👌👌

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