Step-by-Step Instructions on Writing for all Digital Writoprenueurs

Good morning and Happy Holi to all of you and your family. God bless Digital Writopreneurs

May this Holi you start building your writing empire by writing articles.

If you have any doubts, please call me personally and I will guide.

I hope that all those who have joined but have still not written there first article will start writing from today.

Please take small but consistent steps to start writing daily.

Make a habit of writing.

Write small paragraphs on your phone whenever you find time during the day.

Instead of engaging in nonproductive chats start focusing in building your writing career.

If you have published your article and it is unpublished due to grammatically incorrect sentences, subject-verb disagreement, typos, repetition, jargon and redundancies, please watch my editing and proofreading videos and Implement whatever you have learned from them.

Even after watching videos and proofreading your article it remains unpublished, please send your article to my Gmail ID ( attached in MS Word document and I will highlight the issues for you so you can make the changes. In this way, you will be able to pass your articles through the quality assessment process.

Write smaller sentences and use simple language.

Do some research on the Internet before starting to write.

Create at least 10 skeleton articles in advance.

See how Muralikrishna, Nitin, Prantika, Sumit, Mahesh, Vikram, Madhusudan, Natasha, Nikhil and many others have been writing consistently.

Do not procrastinate

Do not feel negative

Be focused in your approach

Always feel positive

Do some yoga to come out of negativity

Start using “Viral Hubs” group as a discussion forum for all activities related to writing, editing, publishing, promoting and becoming a quality writer.

Rajinder Soni wishes you all a successful writing career.

I will keep adding more income opportunities to our Digital Writopreneurs ecosystem.

Happy Holi once again.

6 thoughts on “Step-by-Step Instructions on Writing for all Digital Writoprenueurs”

  1. Happy holi to you and ur family too sir….good to see u helping the writers community and together everyone is growing 🙂

  2. Dear Rajinder
    Thank you so much for the wonderful tips provided by you. It is quite inspiring. The ten tips mentioned are invaluable. I have a doubt. is it necessary to write on one topic all the time? Can one write on different topics of public interest?

    1. Yes you can write on different topics. It is up to you but if your focus is building long-term readers, traffic or you want to generate revenue then focusing on one worthwhile niche in the low competition space should be your goal. It is simple. Suppose there is a doctor who is a general practitioner you will go to him if you have some serious heart issue or to a cardiologist. Yes you will go to a cardiologist. In the same way when you will become an expert in one topic you will surround yourself with a lot of like-minded people and this will help build your communities around you. The members of these communities will eagerly wait for your next release – which is an article of course. So I hope my point is clear. If you have more questions, I am happy to answer here.

  3. The grammar session as very much involving and filled with practical activities. It has given an opportunity for the participants to test the skills and understand and improve from the mistakes. The takeaways on subject-verb agreement drill and the DW exercise were really interesting.
    Conducting such exercises once in a while gives thrill and involvement to all the members and share values with each other. Thank you very much for conducting such useful sessions in the form of a live webinar.

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