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[Sticky] Pro Tips: For Facing Camera With Confidence

Mansi Arora
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In this time and age, everything is online! Online studies, courses, shopping, and majorly marketing. No one has time to read long information and watch lengthy videos. To maintain a long-lasting relationship with customers, developing google authority, giving personal touch through videos, webinars, live sessions, to prove authenticity is strong, and generating organic traffic. You have to use a camera as a medium to reach out to clients. So, in this article, you will learn a few pro tips on how to face the camera with conviction. Lets’s begin!


  1. Conquer your mind


When you fix your goal and you want to reach there quickly. Try imagining yourself in that position. Close your eyes! And imagine your dream and passion. For example- if you want to be a motivational speaker and you are called as a  guest in a seminar. Imagine! That you are speaking in front of a huge crowd, showcasing and exposing your talent and skills. You are motivating them with your experience by telling them how did you overcome all difficulties. You are healing and transforming their minds. In the future, you are training your students that will bring you fame and money and to your students. Visualization is very powerful, it will take you to heights!


  1. Read powerful affirmations


If you get nervous when going on to the stage and anxious after seeing so many people. Start practicing affirmations. Reach before time, take some time and do self-talk, that you can do this, you love yourself for who you are, you have prepared you’re your body and mind to speak in front of the audience, you are capable to do this, and you believe in your dream. Affirmations can give you instant positive energy.


  1. Become your loyal viewer and critique


To give webinars or seminars, practice at home first. Try making short videos or do it in front of the mirror. You have to watch yourself first. How you are doing it? You have to correct yourself first by checking your expressions and posture. The mistakes you can see after watching the trial videos that you made for yourself. No one can find those errors other than you. Keep practicing till you get the perfect video, which will give you the most confidence to go ahead. After practicing for quite some time, ask your friends and family members to give their opinions. 


  1. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.


Do not think ever, this is not for you, you cannot do this. These statements are the most negative ones you can say to yourself. Always try first, through mistakes you will learn a lot. Do not think people are judging you, do your thing most confidently, then people will not even realize you skipped a word or even stammered in between the speech. The most experienced and successful people do make mistakes that get unknown, because of the persona they have.


  1. Learn and control your body language


Slouchy body language is never appreciated. Check your body language while making videos or giving interviews. Don’t droop your shoulders, keep your back in an upright posture while standing or sitting. Choose a nice and decent outfit for the day. If you have found those nervous tics and twitches like too much blinking, clearing your throat, tapping your foot, swaying, crossing your arms, forced smile, using ‘um’ and ‘uh’ too often. Take a deep breath, relax and gather yourself up again.


  1. Analyze your behaviour and channel confidence on the camera.


Your body language will guide you to make the perfect video. While practicing do not try to get the perfect video. Just be yourself and talk slowly. Fast speeches are hard to understand and are disengaging. Give your best and be confident, the audience will not come to know about your few mistakes. Watch your previous trial videos and your improved ones, this will charge you up with confidence.


  1. Motion creates emotion


Before doing any live session or making any video. Do yoga, dance, sing, meditate, or have a coffee. Do whatever, makes you relax. This will show your liveliness in the video. Dull and lame videos are liked by no one. Always use hand gestures while speaking. You have to be active and energetic.


  1. Talk directly to the lens and make your camera your friend.


While making videos, always talk to the lens. Do not look at the screen, this will make you conscious and your momentum will break. Talk with the camera as if you’re talking to your friend. Tell all the stories, experiences, and learnings of your life. This will build a deep connection with your audience. Whatever you say, say it with your heart. Who is your friend here?


  1. Take enough sleep! Stay hydrated before filming the video!

Before shooting your recording or going live, take enough sleep and stay hydrated. Your mood will impact the quality of your recording or live sessions. If you are feeling low, your video will turn out to be an illogical, unnecessary, or clumsy piece. So, when you are happy, active, and highly spirited, then only your true emotions will come out of your heart and you will touch many people’s hearts. 


Some more camera-friendly tips:-


  • Do not think about what people will think about you. Instead, think about what you want to convey to people.
  • If you want to do something different in life, if you have the passion burning inside you, the energies exchanged by others will give you more ideas.
  • Keep practicing, just before starting, do a practice session about what you want to send the message to the audience.
  • While filming videos, try to eliminate all the distractions such as background noise and people coming to and fro.
  • Divide your script and write all the pointers on cards so that you remember all that you want to tell.
  • Confidence is a state of feeling or mind! If you still feel the nervousness and you want to overcome stammering while speaking. Watch videos by – Ankush Pare.
  • Write your script beforehand. Go organized! Planning is everything in online business. With videos, your content should also be powerful. If you want to be a writer,10X life coach, and learn how to be confident on camera enroll yourself in a course by – Rajinder Soni


If you find these tips can help you in filming the next video. Do share your feedback after making one! Also if you would like to give your sights on how you faced the camera while going live or making videos, do share your thoughts on that too!


Happy Filming!

Happy Reading!!


Written by- Mansi Arora

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Hi Mansi,


This is so important for the next generation of digital leaders. I benefitted immensely from the Camera Confidence Course conducted by Rajinder Soni. From someone who was always behind the lens, I went in front of the lens and surprised myself with my confidence. Thanks for the useful article.


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