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5 Reasons Why Copy Editors Make the Best SEO Content Writers

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Do you want to recruit talented and motivated content writers? Do you wish to hire a candidate who has an excellent command of the English language? If yes, then a copy editor may just be the one who fits the bill. In this article, we have shared 5 reasons to hire copy editors as SEO content writers.


Copy editors are professionals who edit a lot of written material. If we will talk about a typical day of a copy editor, then they spend at least 9 to 10 hours editing articles written by authors focusing on a variety of subjects. As a result, a copy editor is fully aware of what all type of matter is most suitable to be written for any type of audience. It is precisely due to this fact that an English Copy editor can seamlessly fit into the role of SEO Content writer. Now here are five valid reasons to hire them:

  1. Clarity of Thought

It is mandatory for a copy editor to edit a fixed number of pages on a daily basis. This ensures that he is exposed to a large variety of words, idioms, phrases, and terminologies. As a part of his job role, he has to not only read but also suggest changes to content written by others such that the final fruit of his labor is an error-free and immaculate article. The practice of copyediting enables him to develop an extensive vocabulary which can be very useful while working as an SEO Content Writer.

  1. Good Command of English

A copy editor can come from any background, but most of the time, they are someone who have graduated from arts and humanities. These courses lay great emphasis on the regular practice of using English in daily life by including activities such as essay writing, poetry recitation, drama, and debate as a part of the curriculum. As a result, a graduate from these departments is able to fully grasp and appreciate the nuances of the English language. He becomes fully aware of what literary device to use in which circumstance. Additionally, the curriculum also covers how to write in different styles such as spoken, conversational, informal, and formal. These skills are bound to come in handy while working on challenging writing assignments.

  1. Knowledge of English Grammar

While working online it is also an added bonus if one has in-depth knowledge about the different rules of English grammar. Detailed know-how about different topics such as Subject-verb agreement, Punctuation, conjunction, etc. are mandatory if you are to grow as a content writer. You will be able to impress clients only if the content which you give them is grammatically flawless. It is the hallmark of a professional SEO Content writer that the matter which he writes for clients is factually correct, interesting, and engaging to read and has no grammatical errors.


  1. Exposure to Editing a Wide Variety of Printed Material

In order to produce an article that regularly attracts a large volume of traffic, it needs to be written after carefully researching and going through a large volume of literature. As a part of his job responsibility, a copy editor needs to make sure that whatever he is editing is factually correct. A successful copy editor also needs to be able to work under tight deadlines and be highly detail-oriented. To make it big he needs to regularly read up published works from a large variety of sources. Books, journals, periodicals, blogs, white papers, LinkedIn Posts, Recommendations are just a few examples of what he needs to go through. Regular, persistent, and diligent efforts need to be made in order to become a successful copy editor. The above-mentioned qualities can be found in most of the people working in the editing and proofreading industry and they also make very good SEO Content writers.


  1. Having a Knowledgeable Peer Group

A large circle of friends and mingling with like-minded people who pose know-how about similar topics also helps. Man is a creature of habit and association. Interactions with colleagues and coworkers who are passionate about copyediting help in enhancing one’s vocabulary. He gets to know precisely which word is the most suited to be used in a given situation. This can be of invaluable help to a person who is trying to make a mark as an SEO Content Writer.  

If you are looking for an energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate SEO content writer, then a forum of copy editors is precisely where you need to start looking for suitable candidates. Your efforts in recruitment will not go in vain and you will be able to find candidates who are able to meet your SEO needs.


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Written by: Aditya Sanyal, Copy Editor and Digital Writopreneur

Rajinder Soni, CEO
Digital Writopreneurs Hub

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Nice article Aditya


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